[FOUND] Arabian stud for BIY (or other breeds)

  • Hello! I'm looking to breed my arabian mare, EYEC October Skies, before selling her.

    The mare:
    EYEC October Skies (foundation mare)
    alt text

    alt text alt text alt text

    she's been a project mare for one of our riders, she's been showing in Jumpers and Eventing, and already has on title in both I believe? ( I need to double check.)

    I'm not anticipating anything particularly fancy, as she's not very fancy herself. We would like to breed her to a dressage stud, but frankly we're not picky about what points she gets as we'd love to try new disciplines with the foal we get for her. I'm genuinely not picky, we don't breed arabians, so I'm not expecting to breed her with some legendary arab stud (albeit, if the offer is there, I am totally not opposed to it because who would?) I guess we just had so much fun with her that we'd like to have another arabian in the barn?

    I don't want to pay higher than 15k for a stud, but depending on quality of the stud I'm flexible, especially as this mare will most likely be sold fairly shortly after being bred. Everything is negotiable. If I think on it a little more and come up with a more specific kind of stud I'm looking for I will add.

    :exclamation: :exclamation: I'd be down to breeding her with AQH to make a quarab, or a Thoroughbred to get an Anglo-arabian, Anything of the sorts, like an appaloosa. anything that I can cross with an arab to make another breed. I'm looking for a fun horse to be honest :smile:

  • Would you be interested in a Pintabian dressage stud? Fully titled, competed at Intermediare I (maybe even II)?

  • @Lidija-Rotherford I'd love to check him out!

  • I have a few Pinto-beans and 1 or 2 arabs! I can send you pictures :)

  • I have a nice AQH stallion

  • I have a couple of stallions I could offer, both still young and actively competing:

    RL Gunners Dunna Runna - APH stud, 3rd generation.
    Reining - 171pts | Cutting - 76pts
    Currently offers: +4 Reining | +3 Cutting | +1 Working Cow | +2 Western Pleasure

    BUS Nitrogen N' Furious - Thoroughbred stud, 5th generation.
    Flat Racing - 74pts
    Currently offers: +2 Flat Racing | +3 Show Jumping

    I'm available either here or on Slack if interested.

  • Not sure of it would be a option, but i have a few American Indian Horses I could offer you. Foal could be registred as one, too.
    I have some in English and Western disciplines.

    And also Arabians in Endurance and some English disciplines.

  • I dont know if Pintabian would work aswell, as I have absolutely no clue about Arabians and outcrosses, but I can offer you

    CSR The Masked Lonestar

    OCS Blue Diamond D Luxe

    R66 Diamond In The Deep Blue

    They all actively show and gather points, though none are Dressage. But i thought i could still offer my boys to a good old friend! ;)

  • @Kody-Böhming oh I'd die for a Masky baby, but I already chose a stallion!

  • Hi! thank you everyone for offers, but I've chosen a stallion, thank you so much!

  • Alrighty! No problem. I maybe came a Bit late, but holidays were so important xD
    Just keep in mind if you ever look for something suitable you are always free to get your Masky Baby one day, when the time is right :)

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