Multiple Lots for Houses/Stables, Boarding etc. - What do people use?

  • Hello!

    Now that my CC is finally working, thanks to help gotten through this lovely forum, I have some questions regarding the practicalities of playing realistically with horses in the game. I have googled around an amount already but not found satisfactory answers. I'm hoping there might be some "standard approach" type answers among you guys here who have been doing this for a while and clearly know your stuff. ;)

    My main questions right now are to do with using multiple lots for single households in order to build a proper stable/ranch type situation. I'm going to try to express my questions as well as I can below.

    • Can you have single households own multiple lots, to have a house, but also stables of some appropriate size, pastures, maybe their own riding arenas, etc.?

    • What mods/CC do people use to enable them to keep multiple lots, keeping horses staying in lots other than the "main" household lots (such as for stables, pastures, etc.., if necessary)?

    • Are there mods out there for making boarding work? I.e. ways to put horses in stables owned by other households and have those households receive payment for this?

    • Are there mods/CC out there to enable sims to work in the equestrian business, for instance as grooms? Or maybe other ways to have such services in large stables you build?

    There might be more questions eventually, as I am only just starting out, but these are my main concerns for now.

    I'm also open to any other tips and tricks you may have for someone just starting out with this. :3



  • Hey there!

    For the most part, I think many of us have a single 'residential' lot for our horses/riders, and the other lots that make up the stable are community lots marked as 'no visitors allowed' on the type, (this stops the game trying to populate them). From there, you have free rein to build on as many lots as you like!

    For keeping the horses on the lots, the first thing to do would be to turn off free will for them! Other than that, there is a mod that allows you to lock doors and gates on community lots to keep your horses from escaping their stables/pastures. Personally, for stables, I tend to use an invisible fence for my stables before placing the pieces on them so that my horses are essentially unable to leave that stall.

    I believe there was a mod out there somewhere for horse boarding, but I haven't used it and I don't know how it works.

    There are a buttload of custom careers out there! Unfortunately, they tend to use the town rabbitholes rather than being jobs you can control your sim through.

    One tip that I haven't been able to follow myself, but may serve as a warning; there are a lot of very talented horse makers here, with many stunning pons for sale, but for the sake of your sanity, don't let yourself accumulate 200+ horses! :joy:

  • @Rachel-Deacon You know you can own more than one lot (like OWN it) without MODs right? Just buy them and then you have them? :)

  • @Regina-Walker
    I always forget about that one!

  • @Rachel-Deacon
    All very useful tips, thank you!

    About the job though, I was more thinking if it is possible to hire a groom in the same way you can hire a maid or a gardener?
    I will definitely still look into custom careers though, since that sounds interesting too!

    And about that invisible fence, is there a particular one that you use? And how do you deal with potentially removing it again if you can't see it? :laughing:

  • Hm, I've never come across a mod to hire a groom, but that doesn't mean there might not be one!

    For the invisible fence, I use one that's almost invisible, so it's basically just a thin white line on the ground, but it does stop my horses running free!

  • I've found that it is hard to actually play with a lot of horses. Even in decently sized pastures, they can't gallop around to keep up their fun/exercise bar, they will try to interact with horses in other areas or with water/food in other areas (and if they are locked in, they just can't, and then their mood goes red).

    If you really want to play with the horses, you could set their needs to not decay (I think it is a cheat, though I don't remember which) and then you can leave them in the pasture/stalls.

  • To keep horses from leaving lots that are not their main home lot I use NRAAS Retuner and I set the tuning to not allow them to go home. This does mean that you will not be able to direct them to go home either but it makes it much easier when you have hundreds of horses spread over multiple lots. It also works great if you only have one lot and want to have a separate lot as a pasture. Even if you fence them and lock the gate they will keep trying to go home and eventually the game will reset them. Retuner stops them from trying to go home.

    Sims 3 horse boarding mod.

    I have used this before and paired it with this mod

    to create a caretaker service role to care for the boarded horses.

  • Thank you everyone! Your answers have really been helpful and I will try them all out and see what works for what I want to do with it~ ^^

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