unexpected LONG hiatus!

  • Before I go on, can people remind me what I was in the middle of doing for EC?

    Now the reason for the Hiatus was that I lost my furbaby Nuka Cola :( he escaped out of his hutch and went missing 11th july and I was heartstricken with fear and loss, he finally returned to me 2 days ago through someone finding him! I also run a ferret rescue and we have had some crazy situations with it being tick season!

    HOWEVER, I am back now that my baby is back, also everyone meet Nuka Cola

    alt text

  • I am glad you got him back and that no harm has come to him :heart:

  • He's so cute! I'm glad you were reunited with him :)

  • What a cute boy. :heart: Great someone found him and that he is well.

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