SiLS Vanner, Draft, and Others Foal Crop? yes, no, maybe?

  • PR Committee

    It's been a few years since I did one | I've been thinking about doing one so here is the link to a poll

    I breed Vanners and Drafts but this crop will also include a few non-draft breeds and one surprise weird grade that will go up for auction for fun mostly.

    voting is anonymous so it's ok if you're not interested, I like them, but only if I know people are actively going to try for whatever I put out. those who are, don't feel discouraged if a lot voted no, because even if a lot voted no if enough voted yes or maybe I will still possibly set it up. This is just a general gage of interest.

    feel free to ask questions any questions below, including about my sale requirements if you're not familiar with them. I will also show samples of things I have made in the past.

    Thank you for your time <3 .

  • PR Committee

    Update: made a mistake making the poll. don't select Would you be Interested. was added mistakenly.

  • PR Committee

    Alright. So I think I collected all the information I needed. In conclusion. Keep watch. There may be one coming soon.

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