Building an indoor arena?

  • So... I'm no master at building in the sims at all. I'm working on making another facility and I haven't been able to figure out the task of building an indoor riding arena! I see so many fantastic indoor arena and I'm sitting there to the side with my black bottom-ed EA roofs and sloppily placed walls. I'm wondering if anyone has tips on building indoor arenas?

    (or if I'm just hopeless)

  • Indoor arenas are the misery of my Sims career. The only thing I can really recommend is downloading some Ceiling Windows AKA Skylights, to help let in "natural" light. I found with my most recent build, even an outdoor, covered arena with a roof over it, causes the arena under it to basically black out and be SO dark.

    These are nice! xx

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    A creator called Aries made some arena roof pieces with skylights, in two different sizes for big jumping arenas as well as dressage type arenas too. I absolutely loathe building arenas of any type but I find them easy to use, for building and in-game to take pictures with them too. If you post in the WCIF area or ask on slack, I'm sure someone will have the files to send, unless it's been reuploaded somewhere :smile:

  • My three best tips, if you wanna build by yourself and not use a ton of CC:
    1: leave a tile or two of wall out ont eh bottom floor, to not get the complete indoor black-out.
    2: The invisible lights in BuyDebug are your best friend!
    3: It is a PITA, but the whole putting a "floor" on your ceiling and using the constrainfloorelevation-cheat to slope it gives a nice effect (and takes forever to get straight!).

    I've personally opted not to use the building-block-type-CC because well, my game is already clogged up with so much CC! But they do make life easier and mostly give a really nice effect!

  • Taking notes for all of this in the future! I’ve already made the indoor arena, and though it’s definitely not the best, I’m content with it right now, any more advice would be helpful so I can keep track of it for future reference. Thanks for the advice so far!

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