[OPEN UNTIL 10/1] MVS Horses for breeding

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    • DO NOT share the sim file with others
    • Pay First

    That's it! I'm not strict


    • Pick one of my mares and one of my stallions (Instructions for your own mare/stallion is down below

    • Once Picked one of my mares and/or stallions. Apply through this form


    I will send you the link for the foal's file via dropbox once you've paid

    Instructions if you choose your own mare/stallion:

    • Message me a pic of your mare/stallion and tell me the mare/stallion you chose from my list


    • Skill Pt 10: $1,000

    • Skill Pt 25: $2,000

    • Skill Pt 40: $3,500

    • Skill Pt 55: $5,000

    • Skill Pt 70: $6,000

    • Skill Pt 85-90: $7,500

    Max Skill Points are 90

    Mares & Stallions can be viewed here:


  • This post is deleted!

  • Contact me to Import a horse of you liking :D (Not meaning I do Imports)

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