[Closed] Second Chance for Imports

  • Just before I left into a hiatus I roamed through the Reclaimed Account and found a bunch of older Imports and Breedings from my past.
    To make it short, I wanted to give them a second chance in a new home. As I didnt have any files of them left I had to remake them from scratch, so compared to their old look they might look completely different now, but thats fine, they still have the same genetics.

    There is 7 Horses in total, that I want to find a new home for.
    For all of them, as I dont want them to end in reclaims again, the following rules apply:

    • PLEASE think twice if you realy want one of these horses.
    • BEFORE sending them to Reclaims, just send the Mainsite back to me. This way I dont need to go though the relaim process all over again and can find a new home straight away.
    • You are free to change their Disciplines, none have really earned much points in their current.
    • General rules (do not change coat, name, and stuff) apply. You may change hairstyles and adjust shine/shade to your game.
    • I do not need to see these horses active in your blogs, but I simply dont want them to rott in Reclaims.

    To apply for one of these, send me a DM here or on Slack, with the reason WHY you can give this horse a new home and WHAT your plans might be. I will put all Applications together and choose the right Owners in a few days or if the right Owner has been found.
    I do not ask payment, as I already once got that when they were ging to their original owners, I rather ask for honesty and a good will to really keep that horse.

    Without further ado, here are the 7 horses I want to give a new chance!
    I included the OLD import picture if I could find it, but some are Slack Imports I have no picture of anymore.

    OCS Docs Lil Chica Reining, Halter Old Picture Below
    Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text

    OCS Sugar N Sweets Show Hunter, Hunter Paces Old Picture Below
    Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text

    OCS What A Good Deal Show Hunter, Hunter Paces Old Picture Below
    Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text

    OCS Highway King Show Hunter, Hunter Paces
    Bild Text Bild Text

    OCS Cowgirl Enterprise Show Hunter, Hunter Paces
    Bild Text Bild Text

    OCS Ima Sweet Reward Show Hunter, Hunter Paces
    Bild Text Bild Text

    OCS Pursuing The Illusion Show Hunter, Hunter Paces
    Bild Text Bild Text

  • I am on love with OCS DOCS LIL CHICA :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Just because i noticed people talking about disciplines:
    These have been imports and breedings, so the customer got to choose the Disciplines.
    I dont have any preferences in what these horses shall go into, so definetly feel free to change them, this is just what they were registrered with ;)

  • OCS What A Good Deal is gorgeous!

  • There have been a bunch of nice applications for all of these horses by now.
    So I am taking one or two days now to wager the best homes and will tell here who's their new owners are. <3

  • New Owners are...

    OCS Docs Lil Chica - @Emma-Monroe
    OCS Sugar N Sweets - @Piper-Chance
    OCS What A Good Deal - @Anastasia-Ryan
    OCS Highway King - @Sophie-Oak
    OCS Cowgirl Enterprise - @Sophie-Oak
    OCS Ima Sweet Reward - @Bekah-Evans
    OCS Pursuing The Illusion - @Freya-Valkyrie

    I will slowly try to get all mainsites and all files sent out, so please be patient
    and thank you very much for giving these horses a second chance! <3

  • @Kody-Böhming Thank you for choosing me! Take your time :)

  • Wooow thank you! I am so excited! No rush n.n

  • Thank you so much giving trust to me <3 Take your time with sending out <3

  • Yep, got all files sent out. If anyone cant download theirs, send me your email adress and I send the files that way ;)

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