CAS is extremely dark

  • Okay, so i know that CAS is darker than the actual game. That's not a secret, we all know it. No problem.
    But ever since i bought my new laptop i'm having a really frustrating issue.
    My CAS is extremely dark and different compared to the game. (see pictures below).
    Dark horses are pitch black in CAS so i pretty much work without even seeing what i'm doing. But it's somehow doable. My biggest problem are ligher horses such as lighter bays, chestnuts, greys etc. Because they look really good in CAS and then they are super ugly in game. I've spent over 1,5h on this coat below. I was happy how it looks in CAS but in game.. NOPE.

    • it's not the lighting mod. i tried it with a vanilla game and it's still the same
    • it's not reshade. i installed reshade to try and solve the issue but it's not working so far.
    • it's also not the backdrop
    • i tried to change my monitor and GC settings/colors. I don't have as many options to change them since i have a Laptop.
    • a friend here owns the exact same Laptop and doesn't have the issue
    • it can't be the monitor itself because it's only CAS. Everything else is normal such as the game itself, pictures, other games etc.

    It is really frustrating and i hate my own horses at this point unless they are dark bay. So i hope someone knows how to solve it. I asked Google but i couldn't find anything.

    alt text

    Same horse in game
    alt text

  • I personally don’t find the lighting difference between the two pictures out of the ordinary. That aside, have you tried changing the time and weather in-game? If your game is cloudy or it’s nighttime, CAS will also be darker than usual.

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe i did. However i turned everything else off so it's always sunny in my game. This particular one was made at 10am, sunny and no clouds.

  • PR Committee

    Sims 3 in game lighting is known to wash out horses especially outdoor lighting and sunny days. Do you use reshade? The shadows could be too bright?

  • What Danielle said about outdoor lighting! Did you take the in-game picture outdoors or indoors?

    Below are pictures from my game, all taken at 10 AM on a sunny day without Reshade. The first in-game picture is taken indoors, and the only source of lighting is the backdrop. The second in-game picture is taken outdoors. The last picture is in CAS. As you can see, there's a pretty drastic difference between all of the pictures, so I don't think there's a problem with your game beyond the usual nonsense.

  • @Danielle-Maddox I use reshade and i also tried to play around with the settings but had no success yet.

    @Alexa-la-Coupe i had no idea indoor and outdoor has such a massive impact. i always take outdoor pictures with the backdrop. I assumed it is my laptop because i never had that issue with the old one and i always only took outdoor pictures.
    i will definitely try to take indoor pictures now and see if it looks better. thank you!

    I just had some time to try it.
    Lighter horses definitely look better indoor. Most of my darker ones look better outdoors.
    So i guess no more random pasture pictures and i can only take indoor ones with them from now on :sweat_smile:
    it's something at least.

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