Acceptable Breeds for my Wonky WBs

  • So, back in the day we allowed any white for British Warmbloods. So I have a verified registered Overo British Warmblood from approximately 2016. Upon trying to register a foal from her, I have found that is no longer the case. I understand I could likely change the offspring to International Sporthorse, but I am trying to fully understand my options.

    I have two horses with overo that I was planning on registering of the following crosses:
    British Warmblood x Irish Sport Horse
    British Warmblood x Holsteiner

    Would these be eligible for German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI), given that MBL states, "Most WBFSH studbook members are permitted if realistic. Anglo-Arabian, Arabian, Thoroughbred, and Shagya Arabian also permitted"?

    The mare in question is foundation, so I would also consider applying for a breed change there.

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    German SPH RPSI would be my choice for sure, and the most realistic for the Holsteiner cross. International SPH is a good choice as well for the ISH cross, but German SPH RPSI would work for it as well.

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