Kainheim BIY Studs | OPEN

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    R U L E S
    • it's a BIY service it means that you're breeding your foal by yourself with my stallion and your own mare, no files will be send.
    • Use your pefix on your foal.
    • Only one foal per stallion, no twins. You are allowed to apply for several horses but just once per stallion.
    • You are welcome to sell the foal in future, but I would be very happy if I get the opportunity to buy it from you before you're selling it.
    • Payment should be sent before breeding your mare with selected stallion. The slot will be reserved first when payment is accepted.

    S T U D S

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    H O W T O A P P L Y

    To apply for a horse the only thing you need is to contact me over at slack or send me a PM
    and then when the payment is sent, you can just go ahead and make your new foal


  • So don't you guys what a BIY slot, on this exclusive stallion? :D

  • Banned

    I don't really have the money, lol :joy:

  • @Eva-Evans Aww that sucks! :(

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