Poney Français de Selle not a "Sport pony"?

  • Hi.

    So. Long story short. I decided to breed one last offspring from my Poney Français de Selle stallion Illoy des Grèzes. I bred him to my SRP mare SCF Vildvittra. The result was a bay tobiano colt, whom I have now tried to register twice as a SRP... The breed information in the Master Breed List specifies that other "sport ponies" than the ones listed in there might be an acceptable outcross.

    However, the auto-reg says that "The cross between Poney Français de Selle and Swedish Riding Pony cannot produce a Swedish Riding Pony because Swedish Riding Pony doesn't accept Poney Français de Selle as an outcross."

    This confuses me... Especially seeing as Illoy already has an offspring registered as SRP (SCF Bloody Mary, #24796). My question is simply, am I going to be forced to register thi colt as an International Sport Pony? And if so, is -that- an acceptable outcross for SRP?

  • Administrators

    It looks like the Poney Français de Selle was missing from the allowed outcrosses for riding ponies. It's been fixed. In the future if you encounter an outcross like that that is being denied by autoreg despite being allowed on the Master Breed List you can post an error report in the Autoreg Missing Info thread.

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