[Ends 8-17/ 24 ALB] VF August Auction

  • Rules
    Please do not reuse the conformation/coats
    Please do not change coat color/markings but feel free to adjust shine markings to your liking
    Please do not reuse custom markings
    You are allowed to change mane and tail styles
    All horses will come registered and with a mane site profile
    Please do not remove my suffix
    Please increase bid by $1,000
    Auction ends 8/17/2019 and then goes into 24 hrs/ALB

    alt text
    Ridskolan's Princess Ally
    American Warmblood Mare
    Mane Site
    Dressage - 172 points
    Gives +4 | Receives +9
    Starting Bid: $12,000

    alt text
    w/ custom markings
    Receives +25 in Dressage
    Starting Bid: $15,000

    alt text
    Dutch Warmblood Mare
    w/ custom markings
    Starting Bid: $5,000

    Horse High Bid
    Ridskolan's Princess Ally $16,000 by Kaitlyn Waterfield
    Calvalou VF $17,000 by Kaitlyn Waterfield
    Cassiera VF $9,000 by Kaitlyn Waterfield

    So after reclaiming some old horses I find myself a little overwhelmed. So I am slowly going to sell some horses so that I can dedicate time to the ones I have. Please send me a message if you are interested in any of my other horses that are not listed here.

  • Cassiera SB! :D :heart_eyes: <3

  • Who are Calvalou's parents? nvm hahah saw it

  • PR Committee

    SB for Calvalou

  • Calvalou VF - 16k

  • Sb on Princess :)

  • Cassiera VF - $6,000

  • PR Committee

    Calvalou VF - 20k
    Due to his parent being changed during the auction I'm withdrawing my bid

  • Ridskolan's Princess Ally - 14000

    Calvazlou VF - 17000

    Cassiera VF - 7000

  • Princess Ally, $15000

  • Cassiera VF - $8,000

  • Ridskolan's Princess Ally - 16000

    Calvazlou VF - 17000

    Cassiera VF - 9000

  • Top bids updated :smile: this auction is now 24hr/ ALB!

  • Cassiera VF - $10,000

  • Calvalou VF - 18k

  • Ridskolan's Princess Ally - 16000

    Calvazlou VF - 19000

    Cassiera VF - 11000

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