Unplanned hiatus and possible quitting

  • My harddrive has died and I’ve pretty much lost everything it seems. I’m really upset about it, it was completely unexpected, I was trying to put some poses I just made into my game and suddenly everything stopped working. I’ve been trying to fix the problem but it looks like there’s nothing I can really do about it, my computer is really old and it looks like there’s no saving it.

    I’m trying to save my electronic art’s folder so I can move it to a new computer by uploading it to a cloud drive but my computer seems to freeze up everytime I right click something. I know I have a backup on my laptop from a year or so ago but that doesn’t save a lot of progress and work I’ve done this year— which has been a lot and I’m not sure I want to restart. I just finished creating a facility I was really proud of and I was excited to show off but I guess that’s not happening!

    I’m really upset about all of this, and I’m going to keep entering my horses in shows im case I ever do recover my game but to lose all of my files since 2014 is a major blow. Sorry about this, I wish it didn’t have to happen since I use my computer for other work as well and was really attached to my sims story but shit happens I suppose. If anyone would like to reclaim horses as I can’t take photos for what I’m amusing to be a long time, feel free.

    Like I said, I still really want to be active on here and I really love all my horses on here, but I can’t do much right now I hope everyone understands. If there’s no resolution to any of this there’s a chance I will quit to save me the stress.

  • I’d like to add I may restart, there’s a possibility but since I’m loosing all my marking and photoshop I don’t know. (Adobe is tedious, I’d have to repurchase photoshop. Can’t do that.) I think my best bet is to just step back for a few months till I’m thinking about it a little more coherently

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