[MH][R:L9][RESULTS 08/15] Eventing

  • PR Committee

    please remove SiLS Burning Eternal, I was on the wrong page for entry

    Update; I did not send payment for him. Everyone else is paid.

  • 33318 's name should be ZHG Atréju
    Thank you :slight_smile:

  • 36191 Hendrix HX was recently registered! :)

  • Please, delete TBS Damster :sweat_smile:

  • could you Fix my horses name, i accidently entered the riders name in horses name, Horse is meant to be Tally Girl S "line 286"

  • (36181) TJS Frozen Wasteland and (36087) TJS In The Hills Of The Damned were both recently registered. Update: Entries both paid for these two however it said wrong ID/name change? Both were recently registered so that may be the problem.

  • Please change Diamond U's rider to: Sandra Nielsen

    I also accidentally registered 35420 GVH Dark Shadows as "GVH Dark Strhadows" - so please change his name to that. He will have to undergo a name change after this show :sweat_smile:

  • I'll be entering 32154 Aehrenthal's Knowhere Here in beginner. He was only just registered for eventing.

    I am also entering a horse undergoing a name change. Areion's Reign of Khaos, whose original name was Areion's Chaos Reigns. Just letting you know now cause i dont know when the change will finally go through.

  • I submitted a name change for my horse Altair S to be Altair* S, just so you know if he goes bonkers :)

  • 36216 Aleksei PT was just recently registered!

  • I am not sure why my one horse ISF Krihna has incorrect Id

  • Entry ID#32055 - should be shown as AGEC RFE King of the Kosmos (not Appletini)

    Sorry for the error

  • I made a blooper: 29195 Myosotis' Stockmalve should be ridden by Hinata Moriyama. Sorry for the mishap!

  • There must be a mistake in the owners's name somewhere, like an extra space. This is why there are 2 "Caire von Hohenfeld" at the Fees Owed tab. I just added both sums and sent them your way! :)

  • Development Committee

    I accidentally entered the wrong rider for 3608 LMEC Athena. Could you please change her rider to Ingebjørg Aune? Thank you!

  • Can the following horses please have their riders changed to the following names :)
    30135 EVEC Cavalli - Kai Haines
    30122 Kermesse ZI - Mary-Jane Arkle
    30392 Virgo KN - Kayden Macaulay

  • Competition Committee

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