[WANTED] Eventing WB stallion

  • I'm looking to add an eventing stallion, or possibly two, to my team. I currently have seven mares but only two stallions competing in eventing, and I'd like to balance their numbers a little bit.

    What I'm looking for:

    • A stallion (or a gelding with at least a three straws left for my possible future use)
    • Any Warmblood breed, though the more common breeds are preferred
    • At least 2nd generation
    • No LEC Call Me Casanova, Don Rigoletto, SSE Winter Is Coming, Sail On By REC or Broudein's Lanthirir lines please, I already have those :sweat_smile:
    • Competing (or has bonus points in) at least eventing, possibly also show jumping; I'm not really interested in other disciplines atm
    • Preferably custom white markings, or the right to update them to similar custom ones
    • Good looks – doesn't have to be colorful, but something a bit more flashy than the most basic black or bay – a quality coat I guess, or if it's an old horse, I can also give him an update myself
    • My first choice would be a horse that already exists and is competing, but I'll also look at breeding offers (I have browsed through the breeding section already)

    What I can offer:

    • An active show home
    • Occasional blog updates
    • You a right for breeding the horse – if you want to reserve the right to use the stallion for a few breedings, I'm okay with that
    • Breedings, coats and custom markings in exchange
    • You name it, I'm willing to negotiate!

    Reclaims and old, in-need-of-an-update horses are more than welcome! I'm ready to give the guy a new life. I'm hoping to get a nice stallion (or gelding) within the price range of 10-40k, but with something special I might be willing to go slightly over the budget. I can also be reached by private message and on Slack. Please name your price (or at least some range or estimate) when making an offer, thank you! :slight_smile:

  • I can offer you this horse (the foal)? :)
    alt text

    He is for sale here, so you can see more about him there, possibly autobuy him if you wanna, or else you can just bid on him, he remains with no bids yet. I know he is "boring black" and has no custom markings (you can replace his headmarking with one, if you want though). He has +3 in eventing and +2 in Show Jumping. There is only one "problem". He is Knabstrup (Sports Horse). But if you can live with that, he might be the horse for you :)

  • @Eva-Evans he's sweet but I was thinking of a horse with bigger bonuses. Thank you anyway!

  • @Alexander-Westerberg No problem. Just wanted to offer him up :)

  • 0_1565700627879_Denzel.png

    I have this lovely young stallion for sale here. He currently has 37 discipline points and receives +13 pedigree bonus points :)

  • Administrators

    I have an 8 year old Roan Tobiano KWPN stallion that competes in Eventing and Show Jumping currently. He gets +7 in Eventing currently with 119 points at level 7, he just started in Show Jumping and his family doesn't compete in it so he has no bonus there. He also has +1 in dressage from past showing. Semi-recently updated, doesn't have custom markings but I'm happy to make some or if you want to replace them yourself that's totally fine! Current name is Hollow's Just a North Wind but I'm probably about to change it or you could if you wanted to just keep my prefix :) Priced at 20k but very willing to negotiate if you would prefer to pay less. Sorry for CAP pic, I can grab an full in game one soon.

    alt text

  • Thank you both very much for your offers! I'm going to need a little time to think about my options, but I'll hopefully make up my mind eventually :sweat_smile:
    (I'm still open to offers if anyone only sees this now.)

  • I don't have any for sale, but I saw you were also open to the possibility of breedings? I could offer IRCE Nurmerion or IRCE Palfrenier as studs for you to use if your interested? :)

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