RFE's Birthday Celebration Ideas?

  • Hey guys,

    In a bit more than a month RFE will be celebrating it's 25th birthday. In Sim years. Yes, that's TWENTY FIVE years, I've had it since 2011!

    What would you guys like to see as a celebration? Should there even be one?

    I am not QUITE fond of making more foals just because in this June's foal crop there was little interest in the number of apps I got, so I need some fun, new ideas you guys would like?


  • What about the opportunity to visit it? Like a birthday party, some sort of roleplay

  • Totally agree with the idea of @Aurora-Bianchi, It woulg be really fun to see our characters there!

  • Maybe you could host something like a little event? :D let's say there is a Pony club where children can try some horseback riding. And other members visit you with their horses and you could do some competitions just for fun? :D that would be cool!

  • A Jubilee Show :o That really sounds awesome :D

  • I was thinking, what if you host a birthday party? Members can send you their character/rider, and we all celebrate! Cake, party, gifts

  • Oh my, seems that people really wanna visit! I like the idea of a birthday party with photos and all! hmmm

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