Show Schedule?

  • Hello, the show schedule says G2 should be scheduled for august 13-15 and that G2 is show jumping, but the shows aren't there?

    Is there a delay? Or has the schedule been changed?

  • Competition Committee

    Hi Sarah,

    My apologies - I'm in charge of posting the G2 shows, however I've been at work doing night shift for the past few days and spending my days sleeping. They will be posted shortly!

    Apologies to everyone for the delay!

  • Administrators

    Reminder that our show staff is made up of a small group of volunteers who are responsible for hosting, managing and archiving every show we have. Occasionally there will be delays in shows being posted, judged or winnings sent because our staff are busy with their real lives or other duties. If there has been a significant disruption in our show schedule we will make an announcement; otherwise, have patience and assume the shows will be posted as soon as their hosts are able. :slight_smile:

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