Kainheim Sales | Tited British Warmblood Mare - ENDED

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    R U L E S
    • Don't reupload or share anywhere.
    • Keep the Prefix and don't add your own.
    • You are free to adjust Shine and Shade Markings or add your Private Shaders
    • Do NOT make major Coat or Confo Changes
    • If you ever consider getting rid of them ask me before I might want the horse back
    • if you have read the rules please add a horse-emoji at you first bid.

    S A L E H O R S E S

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    BHE Party Politics also known as Polly is a really sweet 13 year old foundation mare who is doing really well at competitions, she competes in Show Jumping (125 Points) and Eventing (174 Points), she always try to perform at her best to give her rider a good ride. We think that she will make a great breeding mare once she is done a competition arenas. Even thought she is 13 years old you can't feel it on her, some times we actually think that she forget how old she is.

    S T A R T I N G B I D
    Minimum bid increase $1000

    H I G H E S T B I D D E R
    Member name - Bid

  • :drooling_face:

    I can't resist, SB! :horse:

  • :horse: $16.000

  • 18.5k :horse:

  • 19.5k:horse:

  • 22k :horse:

  • 23000🐴
    Thank You!

  • 25.5 k 🦄

  • 26000
    Thank You!

  • 28k
    if it still counts

  • 29000
    Thank you

  • Sold to @Kaitlyn-Waterfield !!

    Please send the payment and i'll send her file. :D

  • @Alyana-Vennerberg sent thank you so much!

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