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    Hunting Dawn Stables
    Welcome to the blog of Hunting Dawn Stables. Here you can see all of our excellent competitors and high class broodmares and studs. We believe in quality over quantity. At HDS, we only breed the best and proven competitors. We were established in September of 2014, specializing in flat racing Thoroughbreds, and western AQHs. We have since expanded into the many different sections of the western world. Although we specialize in mainly western, we also have some eventers, and a seperate racing stable.

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    Dawn Acres
    Dawn Acres is a branch off of our main stable, Hunting Dawn Stables. We decided to open it in November 2015 because of our rapidly growing number of flat racers. Dawn Acres specializes in flat racing Thoroughbreds and stock horses. Currently we have 13 active flat racers, all of which are excelling in the racing world. Our motto is Victory is the goal.

  • The Staff

    Name Gender Age Jobs
    Miranda Woodson Female 40 Owner, Manager, Show Rider, Trainer
    Evan Woodson Male 43 Owner, Assist. Manager, Show Rider, Trainer
    Misty Evans Female 36 Show Rider, Trainer, Feed Manager
    Annie Moffet Female 32 Cattle Herd Manager, Show Rider, Trainer
    Avery Moffet Male 34 Cattle Herd Assist. Manager, Show Rider, Trainer

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  • Hunting Dawn Stables Horses
    Name Breed Gender Color Disciplines
    EIS Majestic Storm Mist AQH S Blue Roan Reining & Working Cow
    DRF Crome Raven AQH S Black Reining
    EIS Hollywood Rain APH S Silver Black Splash Cutting & Working Cow
    CENT Manurquin APH S Flaxen Chestnut Sabino Western Pleasure & Trail
    Ace's Ima Splash N Teddy APH S Sorrel Sabino Cutting & Working Cow
    CENT Black Cadillac AQH S Black Working Cow & Reining
    NRR Shadows In The Mist Appaloosa S Few Spot Cutting & Working Cow
    DB Diamonds N' Guns AQH M Red Dun Min Splash Broodmare
    SAEC All That Remains AQH M Dunalino Sabino Broodmare
    NRR Drop Dead Gorgeous APH M Chestnut Tobiano Splash Reining & Barrel Racing
    Hunting's Mystic Dream AQH M Strawberry Roan Western Dressage
    FC Sacrifice The Virgin Thoroughbred M Black Cutting & Working Cow
    RL Champagne Diamond Appaloosa S Perlino Blanket Barrel Racing & Reining
    DR's Wimpyneedsacocktail AQH S Sooty Buckskin Reining & Working Cow
    RL Baby Blue AQH M Blue Roan Western Dressage
    Hunting's He'z Notcho Man APH S Bay Sabino Western Pleasure & Trail
    RL Rebel Pride APH S Red Dun Tovero Reining & Barrel Racing
    ERSH/Hunting's Go For Blue Appaloosa M Palomino Blanket RV & Reining
    SIR Mobster Mayhem AQH M Buckskin Splash Reining & Working Cow
    EIS Buckin' Rodeo APH S Bay Dun Splash Cutting & Reining
    RWH Dreams Never Die Pintaloosa M Near Leopard Splash Reining & Barrel Racing
    TY Hebes Gonna Spook AQH M Red Roan Reining & Working Cow
    Hunting's Random Chance Grade Draft S Chestnut Tovero Western Dressage
    Hunting's Two Step Remedy Grade Draft M Chestnut Tobiano Western Dressage
    RWH The Mercedes Kid APH M Black Splash Working Cow & Barrel Racing
    RL Sheza Golden Gunner APH M Palomino Tovero Cutting & Reining
    RWH Lil' Hell Raiser APH S Dominant White Sabino (Black) Reining & RV
    RWH Star Spangled Wrangler APH S Chestnut Min Tobiano Cutting & Reining
    RWH Stars In The Mist Appaloosa M Varnish Roan w/ Blanket Cutting & Reining
    Hunting's Rebellious Fury APH M Smoky Grullo Tovero Barrel Racing & Reining
    Hunting's Hollywood Super Villain APH S Silver Black Tovero Barrel Racing & Working Cow
    BFS Don't Kissa Fool APH S Champagne Overo RV & Western Trail
    RL Lucky In Love APH M Bay Roan Tobiano/Splash Cutting & Working Cow
    SIR Splash N Spin APH S Bay Roan Splash Cutting & Reining
    RWH Merry Go Round Appaloosa M Bay Near Leopard Barrel Racing & Reining
    NF Just Shameless APH M Chestnut Overo Splash Reining
    AAS Little Toy Guns APH M Grullo Overo Reining
    RWH Chex Nu Jewel APH M Sooty Buckskin Tovero Reining & Working Cow
    RWH Spooks Gotta Lover APH S Flaxen Liver Chestnut Splash Barrel Racing & Working Cow
    CSR Midnight Gunner APH S Black Min Overo Reining & Working Cow
    CSR Pirates Buckin' Lass AQH M Grullo Reining & Working Cow
    Hunting's Sacrifice The Bullet APH M Smoky Black Sabino Cutting & Working Cow
    Hunting's The Storm Remains APH M Smoky Black Roan Sabino Reining & Working Cow
    Hetting's Ray Of Light Quarab M Palomino Barrel Racing & Working Cow
    Hetting's Magic Moment APH M Bay Roan Splash Barrel Racing & Working Cow
    Hunting's He'z No Angel APH S Buckskin Sabino Western Trail & Pleasure
    CSR Polar's Lil Fantasy Appaloosa M Silver Black Splash Cutting & Reining
    RFE Devil His Due Irish Draught S Black Western Pleasure
    Sovereign's Princess Of Hearts Thoroughbred M Chestnut Eventing
    QMR Like A Pro Thoroughbred M Seal Bay Eventing
    Hunting's Raining Hearts Anglo-Arabian S Chestnut Eventing
    UD Aberdeen Highland Pony M Grullo Eventing

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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the scrapbook of Hunting Dawn Stables & Dawn Acres. We have some new additions to show you today. (Second link is another picture)

    Sovereign's Dashing Through The Snow
    Image (
    One of our new racers, Dash was a gift from Alisha Brearly. This stunning Thoroughbred mare will bring a splash of color to our racing lines.

    Hetting's Magic Moment
    Image (
    This APH mare was one of our secret santa gifts from Lena Hetting.

    Hetting's Ray of Light
    Image (
    Our very first Quarab, Ray was another gift from Lena Hetting.

    RFE Devil His Due
    Image (
    We won this Irish Draught from Lidija in her Christmas auction, he will join our western team and possibly english later down the road.

    CSR Polar's Lil Fantasy
    Image (
    A breeding to one of Cole Tieman's Appaloosa studs, we had won this filly in his breeding Christmas raffle.

    DR's Wimpyneedsacocktail
    Image (
    Not a new face, but this stunning guy has gotten a much needed facelift and now is ready to continue rocking the show ring with his looks.

    RWH Spooks Gotta Lover
    Image (
    This handsome guy isn't very new around here, but we decided he deserved updated pictures. We bought him from Cole Tieman a few months back.

  • hope we're allowed to comment, Fab horses Sadie! Love the layout of this too <3

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Kira-Simpson Thank you :)

  • Our racing stable has been quite busy with the arrival of new faces. For the 2017 racing season, we welcome four new competitors to our stables! Each of them have been bred by us and we are very excited to see them race this year.

    First up our three Thoroughbred yearlings, two colts and one filly.
    Left to Right Male Model, Diva By Blood, Now Or Never

    alt text
    Hunting's Now Or Never (Bay), aka Nevada, is one of our biggest yearlings to be born, standing at 17 hands, this guy is nothing, but a big sweetheart. He loves to show off by trotting along the fence or racing the other yearlings in the paddocks. Nevada never seems to run out of steam and sometimes can be hotheaded if he isn't exercised daily in the round pen.

    alt text
    Hunting's Diva By Blood (Grey Bay), aka Diva, lives up to her name. She wants things done her way and only when she says so. This tends to make morning chores more difficult as Diva dislikes being woken up. She likes to throw fits and makes sure her handler is always on guard. She has managed to escape twice so far, but ended getting stopped by the treat bucket. Although she is quite the diva, this girl loves to race the boys when they are turned out together.

    alt text
    Hunting's Male Model (Dark Bay), aka M&M, is on the shorter end of our racers, but he still has that Thoroughbred attitude. He loves to cause trouble with Diva and you can often find those two conspiring across the fence. M&M is more behaved than Diva when it comes to handling as he loves to receive treats afterwards. We believe with some more training, he will make a great competitor.

    Our final racer we bred is an Appaloosa x Thoroughbred cross out of our two top racers.
    alt text
    Hunting's I Have No Idea, aka Mini, is our smallest filly out of the four of them, but she makes it up in attitude. She loves to prance around and show off for the boys when we try to lead her anywhere. Mini also enjoys trying to break out of her stable on a daily basis, but hasn't succeeded yet. We do keep a close eye on her though. Although she can be mischievous, she loves to listen when treats or scratches are involved. Mini has quite big shoes to fill and we hope she lives up to her potential.

    Side Announcement
    Since our racing stable is expanding quite a bit, we are looking for handlers for these four beauties. They may also work with some of our other active racers if needed. If you have something that may fit our needs, please contact us!

  • Breed Committee

    Now Or Never is stunning, gotta love those blazes

  • @Cole-Tieman Thank you, the markings made for the Thoroughbreds were done by Mercedes and Tiffany made the happy :)

  • If you followed my blog on the old forum, you might have met our Eventing Highland mare, UD Aberdeen. We decided to do put her in western tack for the fun of it and we must admit that she looks quite stunning. She might end up changing disciplines in the future ;)

    alt text
    alt text

  • As many of you may have noticed, I have kinda been MIA on the forum and shows. I have been super busy with my current work and school schedule and it inhibits my ability to be on the forum. I am not sure when I will be able to be active again on the forum as of right now. If this bothers anyone or they're worried about activity of horses, please contact me. I will understand if you want to reclaim any. Once I have more time, I will be going through and retiring or selling a lot of my horses to make things more manageable for me. Hopefully I can come back soon, but a specific time frame is unknown. I hope you all understand

  • Hey guys, I have decided to come back, but I might be on the other forum more than this one though. I will try my best to keep my horses active on here as well. In order for me to manage my horses easier, I have retired majority of them to breeding horses. I have offer them to the public or I may only breed them for myself, I haven't decided. Maybe I will sell some foals I created to the public. Since I am downsizing as well, I put up a sale post for the horses I am parting with if anyone is interested. I hope to be around more than I have been, but you may see me more on the roleplaying site if you are over there! :)


    I have finally added my second stable on the mainsite. Dawn Acres focuses on race horses. Any horses that were bred by me for racing, born after 11/16 will have the prefix Dawn's instead of Hunting's, to make it easier for me to keep my stables seperate :)

  • Does that include Saki?

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Nope, she was born in 01/15 so she's fine :)

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