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  • Uhmm, yes, more sheets, because you can never have enough XD For some time I've been using a very useful sheet on my Elsie's Stable Manager (which is a life saver not gonna lie) and it helps me a lot when it comes to comparing some horses to see which one would be better for breeding with this other mare and similar stuff, or just to check your horses bonuses real quick. This is what I call the Bonus Check sheet, it displays your horses sorted by discipline, breed, gender and coat, you can also sort them by the total bonus given to the future foal of by the bonus the horse itself gives.

    Here are a couple examples of the sheet working on my Stable Manager.
    Showing my Dressage Andalusian Stallions.
    alt text

    Showing my Dapple Grey Eventing Stallions.
    alt text

    1. Go to the Bonus Check sheet.
    2. Make a copy in your Stable Manager.
    3. Wait some minutes for the sheet to get all the information or refresh the page a couple times.
    4. Once it's all loaded and you can see the options on the scrolls it's ready to go!

    • Please do not modify the hidden cells unless you know what you are doing.
    • If something stops working let me know and I will help you!
    • You can change the colours as you want.
    • You are more than welcome to leave any suggestions.


  • Works for me! ;)
    Thanks for this sheet, Celia !! <3

  • @Irene-Duarte I'm glad! <3

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