Haxby Stud - Happy Birthday Christina!

  • Y'all are seriously the sweetest ever!!!

  • How on earth did you draw that saddle? If it is drawn?

  • Wow Jolene has gotta be one of the prettiest horses I’ve seen on here! (Not going to lie, I anticipated a chestnut because of the song :laughing: ) I wanna see more of that beauty, goodness <3

  • I've finally found the time to comment properly :pray_tone1: I love your scrapbook so much, the design is so sleek and elegant and I'm totally blaming you for the sudden outpouring of similarly sleek and elegant scrapbook and logo designs that are cropping up lately :wink:

    Their is just something about your horses that I really can't get enough of, they are all so.. cohesive? Not too shiny, not too detailed.. everything is in perfect balance and the colours are always just so spot on that they look like real horses. They've a special kind of magic about them and I swear it's my equus ambitious to save any of them from the dreaded pony purgatory :triumph: they've all got such unique head shapes that are so definitively you I just love them and I'll stop typing nonsense ok

  • Gosh yall are so sweet!!! EOWYN!!! I love you gosh that made me smile so big :heart:

  • Awe! Your horses are fab! Nice blog ;D

  • Okay, I definitely don't disagree that Jolene deserved her own post - she is fantastic! I love her colouring - I'm assuming silver black, but she'd also make a pretty great and unique grey.

    But more than that, your editing is just. :astonished: :cry: The fact that you added all the tack, including saddle pad and wraps? Like, I was already blown away by the tail, you didn't have to go and do all that so perfectly too!

  • Ughhh absolutely flawless, seriously all you photos are freaking amazing, I'm so jealous of that tail :heart_eyes: I don't know how I wasn't stalking you before, but I absolutely am now, holy moly perfection.

  • @Ivory-Izusa Yes, I drew it! I used the sims saddle as a template and then colored it in and shaded it and added highlights!

    @Luna-Smit Yes, I did!! I just used the sims tack as a template to color it all black and then the rest of the shading and highlighting was all me lol

    @Erin-Ward the wraps were just straight from my game the saddle pad was like 50% me, and the bridle and saddle was like 90% me :joy: Thank you!! :heart:

    Thank you everyone, for commenting I absolutely love all of y'all :sob::heart:

  • Happy Birthday @Christina-Lindblad it's an amazing gift, i love her coat... I would like to have a nice horse like this, it's a very nice gift <3

  • Happy Birthday :slight_smile: the gift has become a pretty lady, I love her coat really reminds me of chocolate haha

  • Omg!! 😍😍😍 That was an BIG surprise, she’s truly gorgeous!!! Thank you so much ❤️ And Thanks to all of you others too for b-day congrats ❤️

  • Holy crap! This looks absolutely amazing as always, haha! <3

  • Holy woah! That horse is just stunning! @Christina-Lindblad truly is a lovely person and deserves that horse! :heart:
    Happy birthday sweet Christina! I wish you have the best day!

    Great job on that horse! :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    Yay! Happy Birthday @Christina-Lindblad you are one lucky lady!

  • Happy birthday @Christina-Lindblad , I hope you have a happy happy birthday! <3

    Absolutely stunning horse! (As always, of course)

  • Happy Birthday Christina!
    Wow that horse is so gorgeous, you really outdid yourself on that!

  • PR Committee

    It was such a sweet kind thing to do, make a birthday gift; and such a beautiful horse too. I'm still so happy I did cave on your import service, I absolutely adore the girl I got, but I thoroughly enjoy admiring each horse you've made recently; and this beauty for Christina is no exception :two_hearts:

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