Haxby Stud - Happy Birthday Christina!

  • @Ivory-Izusa Yes, I drew it! I used the sims saddle as a template and then colored it in and shaded it and added highlights!

    @Luna-Smit Yes, I did!! I just used the sims tack as a template to color it all black and then the rest of the shading and highlighting was all me lol

    @Erin-Ward the wraps were just straight from my game the saddle pad was like 50% me, and the bridle and saddle was like 90% me :joy: Thank you!! :heart:

    Thank you everyone, for commenting I absolutely love all of y'all :sob::heart:

  • Happy Birthday @Christina-Lindblad it's an amazing gift, i love her coat... I would like to have a nice horse like this, it's a very nice gift <3

  • Happy Birthday :slight_smile: the gift has become a pretty lady, I love her coat really reminds me of chocolate haha

  • Omg!! 😍😍😍 That was an BIG surprise, she’s truly gorgeous!!! Thank you so much ❀️ And Thanks to all of you others too for b-day congrats ❀️

  • Holy crap! This looks absolutely amazing as always, haha! <3

  • Holy woah! That horse is just stunning! @Christina-Lindblad truly is a lovely person and deserves that horse! :heart:
    Happy birthday sweet Christina! I wish you have the best day!

    Great job on that horse! :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    Yay! Happy Birthday @Christina-Lindblad you are one lucky lady!

  • Happy birthday @Christina-Lindblad , I hope you have a happy happy birthday! <3

    Absolutely stunning horse! (As always, of course)

  • Happy Birthday Christina!
    Wow that horse is so gorgeous, you really outdid yourself on that!

  • PR Committee

    It was such a sweet kind thing to do, make a birthday gift; and such a beautiful horse too. I'm still so happy I did cave on your import service, I absolutely adore the girl I got, but I thoroughly enjoy admiring each horse you've made recently; and this beauty for Christina is no exception :two_hearts:

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