Haxby Stud - Laconda, Sweet Lady

  • I can totally see why she's your fav - uummmm - I meant one of your favourite horses :D She's really really pretty <3
    And the picture shows that off :D well done ^.^ Looking forward to your other entries :D

  • Jolene is so pretty, her tail makes me curious, why is it white? Also, I love it when people upload before and after pics

  • @Kára-Morgan Thank you! ;) Currently working on them rn!

    @Aurora-Bianchi Thank you! She is a gulastra plume bay! That's why she has a white tail :)

  • Wow. Very beautiful photo :heart_eyes:

  • The atmosphere is so calming and realistic. Ofc I'm lovin' Jolene as well - she has such a cute look to her :cry:

  • ahhhhh I'm so in love with Jolene, she's just such a lovely little lady :sob: She looks so good here! You did an amazing job with your entry!! (honestly though, I could stare at Jolene all day)

  • Stunning edit as always Elaine!

  • Gorgeous! Your edits are always so amazing and soft, I love that tail! So pretty, I'm in love with her, I can wait to see more! :heart_eyes:

  • Jolene is stunning as always <3 She's one of my favs on EC too, I just adore her white tail it makes her stand out from the crowd <3 The entry looks fab, I can't say that I know much about ridden showing (well tbh I know nothing lol) but it looks good to me, especially the atmosphere :heart_eyes:

  • Y'all are so sweet!! :heart:

  • what a gorgeous entry ❤
    Jolene definitely is an eyecatcher ❤

  • alt text
    alt text


    Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments! I love you all! :heart:
    @Therese-Lind trust me I don't know much about ridden showing either I just googled lol And tbh the fact that Jolene is one of your fav horses on ES is like such an honor :sob: :heart: I never thought one of my horses would be a fav :sob:

  • Absolutely ''sweet'' :heart_eyes_cat:

  • She's such a sweet girl indeed! I mean look at her cute round belly and she looks so kind on the eyes <3 Best of luck in the show! <3

  • I NEED your horse making skills :O

  • CoUlD yOu StOp BeIng ThIs StUnNiNg PlEaSe

  • She looks so sweet <3 love her head shape :o

    ...but on a sidenote: Jeez the guys eyes xD Looks a bit like he's an alien :joy:

    It's just an amazing picture :D <3

  • I know everyone else said it, but she looks so sweet :two_hearts: She has such a lovely little face and I bet she'll do fantastic in the show!

  • PR Committee

    I was so happy to see you entered the showing challenge, because I love that you take the time to play for yourself as well as make such beautiful horses for other people. Your pictures always look so soft and your horses just need endless hugs and carrots, I always want to see updates on them <3

  • Development Committee

    I'm really slow with commenting scrapbooks, I'm so sorry :sob: :two_hearts:
    Jolene is just stunning; she's so unique and I just love everything about her. Her tail makes her so special, and I have to confess that I have a thing for special horses. :sparkles:

    Ah, sweet lady Laconda, she really is sweet as you say. I absolutely love her face expression; there's just something about her that makes me want to stare at her forever. Why are you so lucky and have such perfect horses?! And not to mention your editing skills, I mean damn girl! Your editing skills are fabulous. Please let me live in your game!! :angel:

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