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  • Development Committee

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    It was recently brought to my attention that two of the oldest thoroughbreds from me had been returned to my account. As most of you already know, I don't do racing anymore and these two are unfortunately racers. I gave them a well-deserved update and decided to put them out there to check the interest for them. I'd prefer for them to stay in the disciplines, but for the perfect home, I can consider changing disciplines. Please keep in mind that if the interest is low and I don't find suiting homes, I'll keep them myself. Also, excuse the non-existent racing poses. I didn't have any in my game.

    My rules are simple and basic; Don't be rude and please love them.

    • Prefix cannot be altered or added to, show name should not be changed.
    • Gender, coat colour and conformation may not be changed without permission. However, adding/removing shines
      and details or minor adjustments to fit your coat mod are permitted as long as they stay close to the original coat.
    • The horses come with custom shadings and white markings, these are not to be shared or used on other horses.
    • Coat and conformation are not to be used as a base for any other horses or to be put on your own horses.
      Please add the word "coffee" in your application So I know you have read the rules thoroughly.
    • If you don't want the horse anymore, please give me the chance to buy it back. 9 out of 10 times I will.
    • I reserve the right to cancel this sale and keep them myself if I feel like I can't find the perfect homes.

    Keep in mind that I use a private coat mod. I will not be sharing this upon sale so you might have to do some tweaks on the coat to make it fit with your own coat mod.

    Ember VX
    9-year-old Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare
    Currently holds 61pts in Flat Racing. Discipline can be changed for the perfect home.
    Custom White Markings + Shadings.
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    Ember is a mare with big M. She is a true energybomb and hates to stand still, as soon as you're on her back she will start walking; she has no time to wait for you, she wants to run. This lady will be your best friend and in the next second she'll be your worst enemy. She is a total diva and more of the lonesome type, happy in her own company and very independent. This is something you'll notice it in her training. She values her own opinions more than anyone else's, nothing scares her; she is truly fearless. Ember is easy to handle off the track but a little tricky to groom, she is a kicker and will let you know if she has a bad day. Be careful with leaving rope or reins by her mouth! She is a chewer and don't mind chewing through her reins when she is bored. Other than her weird quirks and diva moments, she is the goofiest and sweetest mare. She is extremely photogenic and she loves to cuddle, but only with her favourite human. Yes, because she is a one-man horse only.

    Dynamite VX
    9-year-old Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
    Currently holds 97pts in Flat Racing. Discipline can be changed for the perfect home.
    Custom White Markings + Shadings.
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    Dynamite's personality is quite the opposite of his name, he is a very laid-back stallion who loves cuddles and carrots. He is a very warm and kind-hearted horse and always look out for the others in her herd, but his best friends are the barn cats as he spends more time with them than his own kinds. Dynamite is a little ticklish and you should not be scratching his belly, and be careful when tightening the girth! He wouldn't even hurt a fly on purpose, but he is clumsy and sometimes he forgets how big he is and might step on a foot or two! Despite his clumsiness, he is loved by everyone, especially the children. He is a true gentleman and easy to handle, he is the kind of horse anyone can ride and he adapts very quickly to whom is sitting on his back. If you like speed, he'll gladly give it to you, but if you're afraid he always makes sure you'll get home safe. By visiting his stall you could never tell he is a racer, but he does actually get quite the speed in the track. Kinda like an explosion as soon as he hits the tracks. Maybe that's why he is called Dynamite?

    This is not a first come, first serve sale.
    To apply for one or both of these horses, I simply ask you to fill out this form with your name and offer.
    I'd also love to hear about your plans for them, but no requirement!

  • Dynamite VX is a stunning stallion, I hope he finds a good home :heart:

  • Dynamite VX is such a stunning, elegant guy <3

  • They are both stunning! I'd totally apply for them but unfortnately racing isn't my thing 😅
    I hope you find good homes for them where they'll be appreciated. ❤

    i also love that you are doing a sale and not an auction so everyone has a chance 👍

  • Development Committee

    Thank you guys for these kind words, it really means a lot to me :two_hearts:
    And thank you to everyone that has applied so far and sent me messages. I will reply to them this evening so you'll get your answers then!
    I have also decided to keep this open for one more day and choose owners tomorrow. If you want to send in an app for these horses, please consider sending them now so you don't miss the chance!

  • Cant wait to see who is chosen.. they are both so wonderful.. but dynamite is just beautiful.

  • Development Committee

    I have finally chosen the owners! It was a tough decision with so many lovely apps; Ember got 8 apps in total and Dynamite had 11! After reading through every single app I am sure I have chosen the right homes for them. So here is the result:

    Ember goes to @Maggie-York
    Dynamite goes to @Jasmine-Wilkinson

    Congratulations! Once payment is sent I'll send over their file and markings. :sparkles:

    Please don't take it personally or get discouraged because I did not choose you as a new owner. I really wish I could give a Dynamite and Ember to every single one that applied! However, because of the interest in these horses, I have a warmblood sale planned just for you! This time with the big 3 disciplines as well because I see that's where the interest lies most. You are very welcome to try your luck again in the next sale! I really hope you do! Stay tuned and thank you, everyone, for your amazing detailed apps, the compliments, messages, and whatnot. You guys are amazing :two_hearts:

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