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    Carolan Estate has not had a publicly available foal in many years. We are pleased to break that tradition this season, and hopefully begin to offer more horses to the community.

    Sale Rules
    x Please do not reupload the horse or the custom white markings.
    x Please do not reuse the coat or white markings on another horse.
    x Please do not reuse my brand on other horses.
    x Please feel free to make minor adjustments to make her fit your game and hd mods.
    x Please contact me if you no longer wish to own this horse in the future.
    x You will receive both a foal file and an adult file. Feel free to use the coat to make in between stages for story purposes.

    Carolan Estate proudly offers for sale
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    Irish Sport Horse Filly.
    Received +3 in Eventing and +6 in Show Jumping

    Tigerlily is a sweet and inquisitive foal, who shows a great athleticism. She is the first foal out of CM Tumalon, and she has inherited his respectful nature. Out of our broodmare, One Summer Day, who also has had success in the show jumping ring. This lovely filly could easily play in all three rings like her sire, or go straight into jumpers like her dam. Not at all the stereotypical chestnut mare, Tigerlily has been extremely willing and curious. Both parents will continue in their careers until they provide the full bonuses they can (5+ Eventing, 10+ Show Jumping).

    Seeking offers around $25,000, also willing to discuss trades.
    Please message me here or on slack with your offer and plans for Tigerlily. The right home is most important.

  • Oh wow, she's stunning!

  • she is such a cute baby but her adult confo is wowie :heart_eyes:

  • I've received a fair amount of applications for Tigerlily, so I want to start by saying it was not an easy decision, and that you shouldn't feel bad if you are not selected.

    CE Tigerlily will go home with @Chloe-West, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this pretty little peach!

  • GASP - Oh my lordy! How EXCITING! I can't wait for her to arrive! Thank you so much! I feel so honored to have such a stunning little filly blessing our pastures soon!

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