[ENDS 03/20 - 24hr ALB] Rose Gold Eagles Stud Clearing Sale

  • Rose Gold Eagles Stud Clearing Sale

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    • Don't upload or use ANY of the markings, coats or conformation.

    • Don't bid if you are just going to do nothing with the horses and it's fine if you update rarely on scrapbook.

    • Ask for permission for any further sales of all horses as I may want to buy them back.

    • You may adjust shine markings

    • NOT all of the horses are properly registered.

    • Bids end 24hr's after the last bid.

    • Stallions may be gelded.

    add a image to your bid of your favorite sims horse of yours if you have read and accepted the rules.

    The Horses

    RGES El Venus | Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | Mare | 4yo SOLD to Maize Winters
    RGES Caspian Caspar | American Paint Horse | Stallion | 14yo
    RGES Holst Guzman | Irish Sport Horse | Gelding | 7yo
    RGES Charlie Brown | Shetland Pony | Gelding | 9yo
    RGES Callaho Lissabon | Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | Stallion | 6yo SOLD to Maize Winters
    RGES Capitol Cassini | Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | Mare | 7yo SOLD to Maize Winters
    RGES Rae's Conquest | Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | Mare | 5yo SOLD to Maize Winters
    The Meanest Thing | Welsh Pony (Section B ) | Stallion | 6yo

    SB - $1,000
    All bids must increase by minimum $1,000
    Autobuy is available so contact me.

    alt text

  • RGES El Venus - SB
    RGES Callaho Lissabon - SB
    RGES Capitol Cassini - SB
    RGES Rae's Conquest - SB

  • @Maize-Winters accepted <3

  • 4 more stunning horses available!

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