[ENDED] Titled Friesian Stallion

  • Kazar is a 10 year-old Friesian stallion, by Ten Broeke's Wessel and Wytse 385 (out of RDEC Olke von Asgaard). He is registered in dressage in which he currently has 116 points and +17 bonus points. He also gets +1 bonus in Classical Dressage and +4 in Combined Driving, although he is not registered in any of those at the moment. Kazar has only had one offspring so far, a lovely Friesian mare called SPHR Athena owned by @Fernanda-Luchetta, but I do plan on keeping one breeding slot from him as I really like this horse. He is a very Baroque-ish Friesian so if you are looking for a lighter Friesian he is not your horse as he is a big boy. Well known is our stables for being a very stubborn horse but he would never hurt a fly, he just likes to test you out and challenge you but not with bad intentions, he just wants to be the leader. That's why the future owner of Kazar will also get Chispa, a Silver Dapple Shetland pony, he is Kazar's companion in the paddock, they get along very very well as Chispa knows how to put Kazar in place, the can't live without each other. Gelding him was not an option as we don't like gelding our horses for breeding purposes.

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    Name: Kazar XII LSF
    Gender: Stallion
    Coat color: Black
    Genotype: EE aa
    Discipline: Dressage
    Bonus Points: +17
    Main site: 19363


    • Must be kept active in shows.
    • If you no longer want him please let me know as I would buy him back no doubt.
    • Don't put up for mass upload.
    • Name must remain the same, you may not add your suffix/prefix.
    • You may geld him if desired.
    • Don't alter coat color or conformation. Shine and detail markings may be changed to suit your needs.
    • Starting bid is $10,000 and minimum increment $1,000.
    • Auction winner will recieve Kazar's and Chispa's file.

  • Ah, lovely boy! SB <3

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta accepted!

    I am going to have to extend the end date as I will be gone for quite some days. Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat:

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