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  • Hello! I'm looking for someone who can create an Eventing lot for me, I'm terrible at desinging courses or decorating lots so I really need someone else to do it for me xD I need it for both competition and training pictures, fully decorated but not too... exagerated if that makes sense? I need it to have lots of different jumps, from banks to lakes to ditches, everything you can imagine. I can offer you money (reasonable prices tho), custom markings, breedings from any of my horses, custom cc maybe. DM me if interested :D

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    Do you still need this doing? :relaxed:

  • I'm still looking for this.

  • PR Committee

    Okay so first of all, sorry this took me so long to reply. I have a very short attention span and I fell out with my game also, but I remembered to actually reply today :clap: and secondly, the reason I'm rambling here and clogging this thread up is because every time I type out a long message, the forum refuses to send it and I sulk and just never get round to re-typing the message in short pieces. So please forgive me if this turns out into lots of pointless wittering away :see_no_evil:

    So please keep in mind, I don't really do well building anything, but especially courses. I usually just build one fence for entry pictures, and clog the background up so you don't see the rest of the empty lot. So this has been a challenging task so far and also it is soooooo far from finished.

    It's a 64x64 lot in a custom world, so ignore the surrounding trees and terrain that's on the lot itself, I will fix that up. At some point. Also, it's very basic and empty because as I mentioned, I get bored easily and also, this little nugget 'fully decorated but not too... exagerated' is literally killing me because all I want to do is throw pretty flowers around to hide the ugliness so far.

    Also, did I mention there is NO pressure whatsoever to accept / pretend to like this. It's a long way from finished and I will fill it up more, but if you don't like it so far, I have an idea for it already so no worries if it isn't what you're looking for. I've used some more traditional fences and a few decor items to make fancy looking fences; I'll include all the CC the best that I can, but you will have my permission to edit / replace what you don't like (if you do want it)

    So anyway, here is a preview of how it looks so far. Again, it will change - some more landscaping, fences, a lot of the fences themselves need decorating and flags putting around them etc. I just don't want to continue anymore until I know if you do like / want this lot. So again, no pressure and no worries if it's not at all what you want :two_hearts:

  • @Callixta-Rosella it looks so nice!! No worries! I completely understand it takes time to build stuff like this so no pressure and I'm in no hurry so take the time you need :D But so far the fences look super good :heart_eyes:

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