Fire Wolf Equestrian Center | 12.01

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    Welcome to Fire Wolf Equestrian Center blog!
    I'm very happy to see you here. Take a look- this is my little "library" of memories.
    I hope I won't forget about my blog and I'll update him as often as I can.

  • So, time for first picture :3
    Me (Nat) & WDKH Scaramouche, our lovely Kinsky Horse mare from Wester Drumlins. Thank you so much for your patient, Isabel!
    alt text

  • beautiful ladies

  • Competition Committee

    Gorgeous horse and edit. So nice seeing Kinsky around the forum. :D

  • Beautiful! <3

  • Thank you all! :D

    It's time to come back!
    Actually I don't have access to my account on main Equus yet, but I think it's a matter of a few days.
    I lost many important horses (I will cry through this next 6 months)... Ehh.

  • My sister, Christina Sans & FWEC Satan Soul, naughty Ukrainian Riding Horse stallion.
    Christie decided she will make this horse good. If she'll do it, Satan will be her. Good luck my girl, please, don't kill yourself!
    alt text\

  • I think she can do it. Hopefully haha! He is such a pretty boy.

  • @Keileigh-Morgan
    Oh, I hope so much! Thanks! :)

  • I actually never heard of an Ukrainian Riding Horse. I've never seen one here on equus :D

  • Ukrainian Riding Horse is rare breed in Equus and all our sims community, but it's not bad! Just original. I like to have rare breeds in my stable.

  • Working by Hallow, our only one Romanian Sporthorse in stable!
    That's my boiiii <3
    alt text

  • Some time ago, in Fire Wolf Equestrian Center were born two first new foals- a filly, and a colt.
    On the left: FWEC Palladin (PCRA Mockingjay x PCRA/FWEC (Supernatural) Pressure), FWEC Persona (PCRA Mockingjay x GRG Passionata)
    Soon I'm planning sale one of those :) (Probably it will be Palladin)
    alt text
    Persona, Palladin and Passionata, her mother in action :3
    alt text

  • PR Committee

    Aww, cute foals :)

  • Thanks, Callixta!
    Palladin is now for sale HERE.
    I hope soon he will found new, good home!

  • Time for a little rest from work...
    Tamara Avalon and Sigma's Illadies Magnator on the way to the pasture :)
    Lady is our Trakehner mare, trained in Eventing.
    alt text

  • omg that coat :O

  • @Siri-Kane haha, thanks! I bought this coat a long time ago on auction :)

  • Sigma's Gestalt
    My new, young Trakehner baby for Eventing! He's a little bit unique, isn't he? :)
    alt text

  • @Natalie-Sans He surely is unique. I LOVE his coat.

  • Thank you, Stacy! I'm glad :innocent:

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