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  • She is so damn pretty! I‘m glad you like it! :heart_eyes:

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    Who's there who's there?
    Finally, after about 2 years I reclaimed one of horses that I lost during my 6-months absence :smile:
    This is Melusine KN- in a little bit different, fresh version, but still the same!
    I lost her file some time ago so I had to recreate her. There wasn't any picture I could base on but I tried to keep as many details that she has as I remembered.

    alt text

    I hope I won't lose her again :sweat_smile:

  • She's amazing i love that coat <3

  • Pretty girl! Wishing her lots of success in her carreer with you! :heart:

  • Loving this chestnut ginger shade of her :heart:

  • Yo there!
    I disappeared from Equus for a short moment, I don't have enough time to sit and do something in my game. It gonna take me a while but I'll be back asap :blush: And from this place I'd also like to ask, is here anybody who loves Stardew Valley? Greetings to all fans :chicken:
    Anyway, I took a picture of my lovely Noctis and Zen.
    I know I often show their faces and some of you would like to see your horses which I own, however these two guys (and one lady, I mean Rosalie) are like boxes full of memories to me.
    It's been already 6 months, sigh...

    alt text

    See ya soon!

  • When other members of Fire Wolf Equestrian Center are training, I prefer to sit on our horses' pastures and watch them lazily.

    alt text

    This time I can finally show you an amazing stallion I got from @Puck-Cantrell in February, WPW Crowley :blush:
    That's the only one good photo of him (and Sonovaking) cause he started to put his nose into the camera and run after me, well :sweat_smile:

  • Hi guys :)
    I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm alive! Unfortunately, I don't have too much time for games right now. Some things became really troublesome to me, and currently I can't escape into my life in the Internet. But I'm still here! I remember about my horses I got from many people in Equus :blush:
    Here's a simple photo of Sendrix. Have a nice day!

    alt text

    (By the way, could someone explain me how the random shows are working right now? I'd be very grateful!)

  • Natalie Sans and her lovely Ren.

    alt text

    Today was my birthday and I decided to put here some photos of this couple. They give me a lot of memories :blush:
    Ren came to Fire Wolf Equestrian Center in January 2015, and he was one of the first horses in my stable. Meanwhile Natalie is the previous owner of FWEC, and since the very beginning Ren was her favourite horse, her little diamond.
    I remember it like it was yesterday, and it's been almost 5 years! In fact, Fire Wolf Equestrian Center exists since 2014. I was a teenager when I created this stable, and now, when I'm an adult person, I think it's time to finish its story...
    ...And think more about my second project :D

    alt text

    So I think I'm gonna sell a few horses soon!

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