Ryan Stud//SF9 ♦19.01.20♦

  • Look at that pretty pon :heart_eyes: He/she looks so powerful!

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    After some cleaning up I decided to get rid of some horses and I thought it would've be nice if I show u which horses will leave, so that u don't wonder where those pixels went.
    Actually if u don't see a few horses after a longer time it is probably because I lost or deleted them, that's actually so sad.
    0_1578585366804_TS3 2020-01-08 18-04-55.jpg
    First off this here is VP Grimaldi. Somehow I can not get warm with him and letting him get dusty is kinda..not nice. So I decided to sell him in a german forum.
    0_1578585377594_TS3 2020-01-08 18-07-14.jpg
    This guy actually was planned to have a story but but but but whenever I look at him I get mad for no reason. :joy:
    So he'll have to leave as well.
    0_1578585553864_TS3 2020-01-08 18-14-15.jpg
    Next one to go is our lovely Rose but she has found a nice new home at @Fiora-Healy barn and will live their a happy sassy life. :muscle_tone1:
    0_1578585638853_TS3 2020-01-08 18-46-56.jpg
    I am not quite sure about this guy since I do like him but something about him makes me to not show him a lot.
    Zodiax will he hopefully registred in a few days if I won't forget it and will be leased.
    0_1578585722870_TS3 2020-01-08 18-29-42.jpg
    Last but not least my lovely Konan, same reason as with Zodiax. c-c

  • Aww, it's always a tough decision but sometimes it's necessary as well so you don't lose the motivation. It always makes it easier though if they're able to find new lovely homes :blush:

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  • Beautiful pictures :)

  • amaziiiiiiiiiiing <3

  • That pink nose and little braid are soooo cute such a pretty pic :heart_eyes:

  • Your facilities are amazing and that arena is stunning, and your edits are so amazingly beautiful and just so nice to look at.

  • 0_1578937432869_s9.png
    (Astoria is made by the one and only @Ronan-Dhall I hope you all like the almost no-edit pictures. Actually I had a lot of fun taking them as well. The pictures are all not edited except for the reins. )

  • The SF9 horses are adorable! I love Jekyll, he looks unique :100:

  • Astoria's coat is very realistic, I like it :heart:

  • 0_1579383344098_random.png
    I've begun today to add all my horses to this table and if my game wouldn't have crashed I'd probably be all done by taking pictures today but well. Gotta do it tmrw.
    0_1579114534667_Screenshot (1327).png

  • 0_1579382285916_averil.png

  • what a stunning horse 😍

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