Ryan Stud//SF9 ♦ Double - Update 5th December

  • I would love to to see a raffle from you, you make amazingly beautiful horses!

  • 0_1574554822613_header.jpg
    This lovely princess is Roses Are Rosié and she is literally the definition of a sassy and whiny mare!
    But u can't stay mad at this cute babyface for a long time. I have tried so many times and I always failed.
    Whelp, someone gonna help me to raise this babyface with the attitude of a whole chaos?
    0_1574554930822_roses are rosié.jpg

  • So beautiful mare :heart_eyes:

  • Hahaha oh god she’s so cute 😍 good luck with this lady 😅

  • 0_1574884437458_header.jpg

    Eyecatchy, fancy, stunning and big hubby.
    X - P's heart beats for waterjumps and actually all things that have to do with jumping.
    As soon as he notice that he is is about to get ready, he gets very excited and loud. U can literally hear him neighing and making a lot of other noises without being even close to him at all.
    (Once again I apologize for this awful edit. I don't know what is happening but I am not satisfied with my editing lately and this is frustrating.)

  • what are you frustrated ? it's amazinngg

  • he's gorgeous! and your editing is stunning as Always I mean look at that tail :heart_eyes:

  • Random doooodle. I was thinking about editing today but seems as if I have to take new pictures since I am not a fan of the ones I just made.
    0_1575206439340_Screenshot (679).png

  • You drawing so well :heart_eyes:

  • 0_1575484149099_header.jpg
    I barely have some ideas to make some new pictures and I also don't really feel like making some snow pictures or something like that. I thought about editing these profil pictures but as u can see, I didn't.
    I'll focus this weekend on making a little marking-pack or try to make my secret santa. (Which I'm kind of very excited because I love suprising people.)
    And I'll make the imports! I can't believe that people actually like how I make my horses. Feels kinda weird.
    Okay with this being said, enjoy the naked pictures.
    0_1575484293709_Screenshot (693).jpg
    ( Made by @Jay-Wilkinson )
    0_1575484307904_TS3 2019-12-02 17-49-26.jpg
    (Made by @Juliet-Foster )
    4_1575484323945_TS3 2019-12-02 17-58-02.jpg 3_1575484323945_TS3 2019-12-02 17-57-18.jpg 2_1575484323945_TS3 2019-12-02 17-56-08.jpg 1_1575484323945_TS3 2019-12-02 17-54-07.jpg 0_1575484323945_TS3 2019-12-02 17-50-39.jpg
    Who's your favorite?
    Who're you excited to see more of?

  • Baby looks amazing, but I must say... Averil is totally amazeball too <3

  • Absolutely in love with Kiranga & Rosie <3
    Update: add Konan to that list as well ;)

  • I love Grimaldi :D

  • 0_1575487612786_ddd.jpg
    The first snow has touched the ground and Ryan Studs horse are going crazy and stupid....as expected, haha. Look at their faces, so much joy! (Shame on me that I didn't showed this beauties for such a long time)
    0_1575487658764_TS3 2019-12-04 20-12-18.jpg
    0_1575487733040_TS3 2019-12-04 20-12-32.jpg
    0_1575487888049_TS3 2019-12-04 20-17-38.jpg
    0_1575487915824_TS3 2019-12-04 20-17-46.jpg
    0_1575488040849_TS3 2019-12-04 20-23-50.jpg

  • ANH DJ <3

  • Very original and beautiful horses I love them :heart_eyes:

  • I can't believe my last edit was two weeks ago. :joy: And it was a speededit too! That's so weird to see. Anyway, I am working on 4 pictures to make a little story with ....who could it be...Any thoughts?
    0_1576087509060_Screenshot (768).png

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