Ev's Imports [OPEN]

  • So, this thread is here because I have a problem... I am addicted to making horses but, obviously I cannot hoard them all to myself. Plus, I really want to get more practice with making horses!
    Also apologizing now because this thread is going to be a mess since I don't understand how the coding here works haha


    • Do not mass upload the horse, basic rule I feel
    • Do not change the name or my suffix , feel free to give the horse a different barn name though!
    • Feel free to alter the shine and detail markings on the horse - just don't drastically change the horse please! No turning a chestnut into a grey horse!
    • As soon as the horse is yours, you're free to do whatever you want with it! No crazy strict rules or anything on that, if you do end up wanting to rehome them though, I would probably be more than happy to purchase them back! There is no need to ask me first before rehoming them though, it doesn't really matter! :)
    • Put the word Peach at the end of your application so I know you read the rules!

    I will be accepting all breeds for this service, like I said this is so I can get more practice in! I am hoping to soon start making markings but for now I can't do that. So I will do my best to keep track of what markings I use for the horses so I can make sure your horse doesn't turn up naked in your game!

    Click on the photos to see them larger :)

    alt text alt text alt text alt text


    Blind Imports - $5,000
    Refrence Imports - $6,500




    First two imports are done :) Since you both want to do your own white markings for these horses I just threw some markings on them so you can get an idea! Anyways, here they are!

    First off we have a Clydesdale stallion for @Sadie-Woodson!
    This is Vegas Lights PT!
    alt text
    alt text
    Unedited CAS

    Secondly we have a little American Paint Horse mare who stole my heart for @Piper-Chance!
    This is Neon Dreams PT!
    alt text
    alt text
    Unedited CAS

    I really hope you two like these guys <3 Both breeds were first time attempts for me! Once your payments are sent I'll email their files to you! If you want anything tweaked please just shoot me a message!!

  • Aw he’s the cutest thing ever!

  • Another import done! He actually has my second ever custom marking on him, I just learned how to make markings so I figured I should get some practice in and make him one! Anyways, here he is!

    This is Aegis PT an AQH Stallion for @Lilly-Li! I really hope you like him!
    alt text alt text alt text
    Unedited CAS

  • I love him thank you so much I sent you the payment

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