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    For the first time, we open a breeding service with some of our best horses and a wide variety of diciplines and breeds. We also have top top quality lines such as Rondador de la Campana or Moret Cuatro on the baroque side and RFE Incendio on the warmblood one. Horses that haven't gotten 200 on a discipline yet, they are still actively competing to reach that point. We provide you with the option of two services, BIY and Traditional breeding, for each one read the rules below please. Also, if you have less than $30,000 on the main site, we can work out a lower price for you. If you pick one of my stallions and a mare too the final price is both fees added, you may also provide your own stallion/mare. Please take into account that these horses are most still competing so prices can change as they get more bonus points. Check the horse's notes to see more posible bonuses.

    Traditional Breeding

    • Horses will come with main site profile, registered, sim file and custom markings.
    • The foal/filly will carry one of our prefixes depending on the final breed. Warmbloods will carry "LSF". Yours may not be added.
    • You have to provide your mare/stallion if you only pick one of my horses. I will delete the file from my PC and also the email with it.
    • Files and main sites will be sent once payment is recieved.


    • You create the horse, you pick the name, register him/her and use your credit.
    • The foal/filly will carry your prefix/suffix, mine may not be added.
    • No files are sent to create the foal.
    • This type of breeding comes with a 25% discount over the final price.

    What breeds can you get with Andalusians?

    • Andalusian, can be pure Andalusian or Adalusian x Lusitano cross.
    • Azteca, when crossed with APH, AQH, Criollo or Lusitano.
    • Friesian Sporthorse, Andalusian x Friesian cross.
    • Hispano-Árabe, Andalusian x Arabian cross.
    • Knabstrupper (Classical), when crossed with any Knabstrupper.
    • Paso Creole, when crossed with "Paso" breed (Paso Fino and so on).
    • Spanish-Norman, when crossed with Lusitano, Percheron or another Spanish-Norman.
    • Warlander, when crossed with Friesian, Lusitano or another Warlander.
    • Australian Stock Horse, Andalusian x Australian Stock Horse cross.
    • Brazilian Sport Horse, when crossed with Thoroughbred, Trakehner, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldengurger, Belgian WB, ISH, Selle Francais, Westphalian or other WBFSH member.
    • Spanish Sport Horse (CDE), when crossed with Anglo-Arabian, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Hispano-Árabe, Lusitano, Spanish Trotter, Mallorquín and Menorquín or any WBFSH studbook excluding ponies.
    • Spanish Warmblood, when crossed with Lusitano, Lipizzan, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Trakehner or Connemara.
    As you can see there are many options, Andalusians are very versatile and can give you from a great Dressage prospect to an Eventer/Show Jumper, so you might consider adding some Andalusian blood to your warmblood lines as we have some excellent Andalusian Eventers! Use this tool to check what breed your foal would be.

  • Sheet updated, with new sheets and easier to use! Prices have been updated too, for stallions the fee is a base of $15,000 + $1,000 per pedigree point offered. For mares is the same but a base of $10,000. The breeding sheet includes an option to select Traditional or BIY so the price gets updated with the discount for BIY. Let me know if you need any other information about certain horse and I will provide it to you :D

  • Slots and points have just been updated!

  • Bonus, points, prices and slots updated!

  • Offering a 15% discount over the final price on any type of breeding during Christmas until middle January! Any other discounts mentioned on the original post still apply! Merry Christmas everyone :D :santa:

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