[WANTED] Roan Warmblood BIY

  • Hey there!

    Today I am looking for:

    • ROAN-carrying horse that is able to produce a warmblood (Dutch WB)
    • Dam or Sire (BIY only)
    • Dressage , Eventing or Show Jumping
    • Pedigree preferred, at least 2nd gen! 3rd is even better!

    Payment can be money or trades!

    Please write here or DM me on Slack if you have a suitable horse to let me breed with! :two_hearts:

  • I know this girl isn't what you're looking for, but I have a Red Roan Dutch Warmblood mare. She's a foundation, not titled yet. USS Primadonna

  • Banned

    I have a foundation stallion with no titles or bonuses given yet :3 I also have his son, with no titles yet, who is a roan :)

  • I have this boy, he's still young and has just started competing so I normally wouldn't offer him, but if you're interested just message me and I guess we could figure something out together.

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