[FOUND] This shine marking.

  • I've noticed that a whole bunch of people use this shine marking, and it's just absolutely stunning. I've heard that it's from the Russian site, but I'm really not sure, so if anyone has this shine marking and can send it to me, or they know where to download it, that would be greatly appreciated! I'll attach a photo of the shine marking being used here, and I can definitely find more because I've been searching for like years lol, all credit to the user who posted this.

    If anyone can help me I'll love you for life.

    alt text

  • If it's from the Russian site I'm afraid that you need to be registered and approved in order to get it as their CC is private :(

  • Yeah that's the only thing I know about the Russian site hahah, the site is 'Equestrian Sims' right? I did register there, but the forums have no new posts so I'm a little concerned it isn't active anymore haha,so I'm sort of hoping that it isn't from that site, or that someone has it.

  • its Rita Lavrynenko's private shine marking

  • @Nathalie-Jensen

    Oh shoot, I read from someone who used it that it was public, and I see people using it so I assumed it was public. Is there no way to get it even if a bunch of people use it?

  • i dont think so, you will have to write to her and ask :)

  • @Nathalie-Jensen

    Whoops, well since she hasn't been online in two years I guess I'm out of luck :thumbsdown_tone2: Oh well, that stinks unless I can find her some other way haha

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