That Wilder Life ~ DAY x ~ In need of Opinions!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford said in That Wilder Life ~ DAY 6 ~ And They Were Roommates:

    Well now we know that they're a lesbian couple :rofl: The truth is O U T !

    Yes! Now everyone knows the truth of the secret horse lovers :laughing:

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    Blog Entry 7, date: 9/8/2019

    Today I was out at Ragged Wood Acres like I usually am on my afternoon. I was hanging out with a good friend of Oaklyn and I, Cosmo Holloway! He's working student at Ragged Wood who I've known for a long time, before he changed his name to Cosmo haha! No, he's not the stud I'm talking about today (Though he'd tell you otherwise :rolling_eyes: ) Cosmo works with a few of the young up-and-coming stallions at Ragged Wood and while I was with him today I tried shooting some photos of the boys! Though... there was only a few I was happy with since I wasn't paying much attention to my camera :sweat_smile:
    Revoltoso RWA aka "Revvy"
    Perlino Andalusian Stallion
    alt text
    Big thanks to @Celia-Acosta for helping produce Revvy! Revvy is what I'd call "studly." Stubborn, and likes to show off. He's not the sort of "ohh he may be a stallion but he's so sweet and docile!" nah, Revvy is a little turd. He's mastered the grumpy mare face which he makes 50% of the time. Even though he's stubborn and stuck-up, he has some great manners actually! He's easy to handle in-hand and respects personal space if you establish yourself as meaning business. Once he sees you as an equal, he doesn't pull any rude stunts while handling him. However he can be a jerk undersaddle. Cosmo is working on that, Revvy is still young so there's plenty of room for developing. There's no doubt Mr. Revoltoso is a talent little stallion potential for the future. He's a fantastic mover, who's too smart for his own good. I think in the future he'll become a pretty cool stud!
    I didn't get as many photos of him as I wanted to, since Cosmo and him were having some disagreements today and I left the arena to give the two some more room to work without Revvy having to be worried about showing off for the camera haha!
    alt text
    Gatsby RWA aka "Gatsby"
    Bay Dutch WB Stallion
    alt text
    Another big thank you, this time to @Clementine-Laake for helping produce Gatsby! My bay warmblood-loving heart actually adores this guy ha! He's not as interesting looking as Revvy is, but that's okay since I adore simple bays <3 Gatsby is a charismatic guy, a friend of all the other horses. (especially mares...) While being a charmer to the other horses, he's pretty hot-heated in the arena! He gets real excited when his feet touch onto the sand footing and it's like it fills him up with a burst of energy. Unlike Revvy, he's not as easy to handle in-hand, either he's excited to be going out with his friends or his excited to go out into the arena and work. Gatsby is a lot of horse! I love watching him though, he has those sporty warmblood movements that I really adore. I'm really hoping that I can start riding him soon and maybe show him myself! Cosmo isn't as much of a warmblood enthusiast as I am, so it shouldn't be too difficult to convince him to let me give Gatsby a spin... afterall, he is owned by my parents :laughing:
    He's too young and early in his career to breed him, but I'm certainly considering him for Galladi in the future :thinking:
    alt text
    alt text

  • Gatsby looks like he could be a big diva, he knows he's gorgeous

  • Revoltoso is soooo handsome! :heart_eyes: The name is so fitting for what you tell about him haha, he is great tho! Wish you the best!

  • He's a stunning boy :heart: his conformation is very good!! I'm pleasantly surprised with him

  • @Aurora-Bianchi said in That Wilder Life ~ DAY 7 ~ A Couple O' Studs:

    Gatsby looks like he could be a big diva, he knows he's gorgeous

    Oh definitely, he's a total diva and ladies man! He feels good when he's out in the ring, haha! Thank you!

    @Celia-Acosta said in That Wilder Life ~ DAY 7 ~ A Couple O' Studs:

    Revoltoso is soooo handsome! :heart_eyes: The name is so fitting for what you tell about him haha, he is great tho! Wish you the best!

    Thank you! (once again, thank you for letting me produce him!) I'm excited for his future, I think he's gonna be fantastic! thank you for the luck wishes! <3

    @Borja-Domecq said in That Wilder Life ~ DAY 7 ~ A Couple O' Studs:

    He's a stunning boy :heart: his conformation is very good!! I'm pleasantly surprised with him

    Thank you!! I'll be showing off the girl you help me produce very soon!

  • Opinions please <3

    So.... I’ve stopped doing good story posts I feel, and that’s because I really dont feel very connected with Wilder. I think he’s a cool character, however he just doesn’t feel right. I’m very picky about what characters I use, especially when I know I’ll be using them for a long time.

    As mentioned, Marquis and the characters I used to use are personal characters of mine, and I’ve been using them for professional writing. However... I’m really attached to them. I wanna incorporate them into this setting, but I’m trying to think through it a little further to see if it’s the right choice.

    I wanna know if anyone has any thoughts on if I should try working with Wilder more and trying to get a better connection or people miss the old boys and I should bring them back, but in this story.

    (Storylines will change, EYEC is completely kaput now, but I don’t want to think more about plans with Mark until I decide whether he’s making a comeback or not

  • I am new here but I admit Marquis was a good character, he made me laugh sometimes

  • I loved Kiwi more, too.

  • @Wilder-M-Bernardi I miss Marquis, Walt, and them

  • i enjoy reading your stories and getting to know your characters. No matter if it's Wilder, Marquis or anyone else. I personally like(d) all of them.
    However you should do what makes you happy and what brings you joy. So if you feel like you're more attached to Marquis and the Crew and want to continue their story in this setting, go ahead!

  • I say do what makes you happy, and do what you enjoy doing. Why not incorporate all of them, and use them as and when you feel inspired to do so?

  • I think it's natural to feel more connected to these characters you've had for years as opposed to Wilder, whom you've only newly created (I assume?) Characters- to me, at least!- are just like real people: the more time you spend with them, the better you know them, get along with them, feel more at ease around them. You know your old characters- what drives them, what they struggle with, what makes them tick; in short, why they're interesting- because you've 'spent time with them' by writing them frequently and diversely. So I think if you want to try to find that with Wilder, you should try sticking at it. :slight_smile: Do more with him! Write him into scenarios that challenge him and see how he reacts. It'll help you figure him out (and will probably bring you pleasure, because making characters unhappy is SO much fun to write I mean, it's okay, I guess.)

    It's still worth thinking on bringing Marquis & Co. in, however! Maybe they can visit in some context? Be business affiliates, or riding lesson clients, or those really irritating people living on the next block over who only visit on weekends and throw ragers that create an unspeakable racket. You could have fun with that! :grinning:

    Either way, I hope you'll keep the blog style? It's unique and personal and just a breath of fresh air. :seedling:

  • Competition Committee

    Totally agree you should do what makes you happy story-wise. I really like anything you write, it's nice how you are able to get into character for every post, makes for great storytelling. On that note, if you think you need to bring your other characters back to continue to do so then go for it!

  • I agree, just do what you really want to do. We all do this for fun, so just go with your heart.

  • Thank you everyone for helping me out with this! It was good to hear what everyone thought so I could really try and weigh my options. I have decided that I'm going to be switching back to a storyline with Mark and Burt. It will probably be a little while till I get it up since I would like to be able to change my name again (so so sorry to the person in charge of name changing :sweat_smile: ) but I'm currently entered in a show that I believe is going to take a little while before results are out and I'd like to wait till that's over :smiley_cat:

    I'll be selling a couple story-made horses, (not my big eared boys though, I want those :laughing: ) but otherwise, I'll be taking my time to set this story up, and I want to try something new when it comes to managing my updates, while still keeping my usual style of writing since everyone seems to really enjoy it! (and thank you!!)

    So, no updates for a little while, (which "in a little while" in Marquis term is probably a few days since I run on a different clock it seems.) So i'll be working on planning out this whole new debacle ,and I get to use my own characters so I'm excited haha!

    also @Ariadne-Waters that's exactly how I see character creation as well, and although I didn't go with your advice (eek sorry) I thought you posed a really good point, and I think I'll try doing that with still incorporating Wilder and Oaklyn. Also I may just have to use "Marquis & Co" Because I absolutely love that

    I can't reply to everyone's comment, but I really appreciate all of them!! Thank you again! I'll just go back to trying to comment on everyone else's fantastic blogs when I can haha! <3 <3

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