[SOLD] Freiberger Stallion

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    ❥ Neither horse(s) nor their costum markings may be listed for mass download.
    ❥ Coats may be updated (shine markings/detail markings).
    ❥ Disciplines may be changed. Stallions may be gelded.
    ❥ Horses should stay active at least in R-Shows.

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    Today I'm selling this very special boy. A very rare grey Freiberger stallion (majority of them come as bay and chestnuts). He was created for me as an import once and I own him since more than two years and became very attached to him.
    But I've decided to give him the chance to get happy in a new home since I wanna focus more on my Eventers and Show Jumpers in the future.
    You are welcome to change his disciplines though.
    I would be happy if he could stay active in his new home, at least in R-Shows. Picture updates aren't a must but are always welcome. :heart:
    Here are his infos:

    Avalon GV
    Breed: Freiberger
    Gender: Stallion
    Color: Grey (Ee/aa/Gg)
    Discipline(s): Dressage (98 pts) and Classical Dressage (45 pts)
    Breeder: Emilia Gardner
    Notes: He comes with a costum white marking.
    Price: I'm looking for offers over 15k since this was the price I've paid for him. Just send me your price offer via DM here or on Slack.

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me a message. :slight_smile:

  • Development Committee

    Sold into the best possible home! :heart:

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