Sales prices - help?

  • Hi everyone!

    I wonder if someone could help me with some prices for sales horses.. Which price range should I use for a future sale?
    I only have foundation horses atm., who have not been competing yet, so they don't have any points.

    I am thinking on register some of the horses on the main site and here in the forum - would that do something to the price?

    And for a first sale - would a Sales thread or an auction be best?

    Hoping that someone can help me figure out the "sales-price-system" ;)

  • PR Committee

    Everyone has a different pricing idea really; it can depend on the breed. Popular breeds like Warmbloods sell and are worth more to players than unpopular breeds; people pay more sometimes for rare-colour horses, and then there's things to take into consideration like the conformation, any custom markings, a background personality made up for the horse etc.
    Most people prefer sales because everyone has a fair chance; auctions can be tricky because of time zones and newer members obviously have less money than older members. So the reason you want to sell horses would probably be the key to working out how you want to host the sale; if you want to earn money, an auction would probably work better :)

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