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    Hi and welcome to my little "how to ...(insert here what u need)" guide.
    Here I'll show u my techniques how I do my stuff.
    Little note: Here will be a lot of random possibilities how to do whatever u need. I always like to try new techniques and see how they work for me. So notice.- here will be a lot of change.
    U can always comment some stuff and I'll try to show u how I would do it. <3
    I'll show u the way how I do it.

  • I hope I’m allowed to comment 😬 but I’m just really looking forward to these I admire your editing style! <3

  • 0_1566999548335_hacks.jpg
    Whelp, I guess we all like to have a more realistic vibe in our pictures. Wether it is minimlistic or a biiiiiiiiiiig change for our picture.
    I have a few different pictures of pastures and riding arenas saved in my folder that I don't know if I am allowed to show.
    But anyway,let's go!
    0_1566999890365_step one.png
    Look first for fitting pictures that u can use.
    I recommend googling some things like "Riding arena" or type into DeviantArt "Grass".
    Here's one I've found.
    Save the file easily where u can find it again. ( And don't be like me and tripple save it everywhere.)
    0_1567000118284_step two.png
    After u've found a fitting picture that works for u, u copy it into ur picture.
    It'll look first like this but don't worry. We'll fix this fast.
    0_1567000877594_Screenshot (1862).png
    With ctrl+T u can move it to the place where u want it to be.
    0_1567000971033_Screenshot (1863).png
    I recommend leaving some extra-space and not transform it closely to where ur grass in game is.
    0_1567001092928_step three.png
    Because we gonna erase it with a soft brush to create a more soft and realistic look.
    0_1567001221481_Screenshot (1864).png
    U can leave a bit of the "grass-game" because u can adjust it with cntrl+U.
    0_1567001230593_Screenshot (1873).png
    Then this window will pop up.
    0_1567001244105_Screenshot (1874).png
    Depending on the colors of ur picture u can change the colour and the saturation.
    After u did that u can add some shadows to it and create some kind of deepness.
    0_1567001378651_Screenshot (1867).png
    On the right side u see a bar with different kinds of modes that can create a lot of nice stuff.
    ( I don't know if Gimp or any other editing-program has that as well)
    0_1567001450857_Screenshot (1868).png
    I set it to the "Soft light" and as u can see - it changed the color and brightness. It is more darker now.
    I'll keep editing now my picture and work on some more litttle guides.

  • @Luna-Smit said in Shelbys "How to .." - Editing Hacks:

    I hope I’m allowed to comment 😬 but I’m just really looking forward to these I admire your editing style! <3

    Ofc u can comment! And thank u very very much! <3

  • 0_1567002223384_blurrinh.jpg
    Technically I should've begin with this but I am a chaos.
    Okay, how do we blurr pictures nice, smoooooth and once again nicely?
    No? U don't know?
    Don't worry I got u bud. <3
    0_1567002333934_step one.png
    0_1567002343326_Screenshot (1853).png
    First u select ur horses ( or whatever is ur motive) with the lasso tool. This takes sometimes long and u can cheat a little if u click on it with the right side of ur mouse and select the magnetic lasso tool. This one isn't that precise but u can fix this later. (It's great when u have a visible contrast for example black horse and a blue sky)
    0_1567002617389_step two.png
    0_1567002677248_Screenshot (1854).png
    U copy now ur horse with ctrl+J and tadaaa - u got a new layer with only ur horse on it.
    I copy the background layer too but without selecting anything.
    0_1567004232119_step three.png
    Select this layer again,move to ur background layer and go to "Edit - Fill"
    0_1567004204763_Screenshot (1857).png
    Then this window should pop up.
    0_1567004276240_Screenshot (1858).png
    Make sure that "content-aware" is chosen.
    0_1567004305470_Screenshot (1859).png
    After that it'll look like this.
    Deselect it and u can move on.
    Now u can chose what kind of blur u want to have. My favourite is this one.
    0_1567004342353_Screenshot (1860).png
    Adjust the blur to ur personal likings and u are done.
    0_1567004378838_Screenshot (1861).png

  • I think this is exactly what everyone who is starting out editing needed. Thank you for this!

  • This is amazing! :)

  • The link to your grass isn't pulling anything up for me :(

  • @Luna-Smit said in Shelbys "How to .." - Editing Hacks:

    This is amazing! :)

    Glad I can help. ^-^

    @Chloe-West said in Shelbys "How to .." - Editing Hacks:

    The link to your grass isn't pulling anything up for me :(

    I've fixed it now! Thanks for telling

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