Shelbys "How to .." - Editing Hacks/ Mane pt2

  • 0_1573400750282_lifehacks.jpg
    Hi and welcome to my little "how to ...(insert here what u need)" guide.
    Here I'll show u my techniques how I do my stuff.
    Little note: Here will be a lot of random possibilities how to do whatever u need. I always like to try new techniques and see how they work for me. So notice.- here will be a lot of change.
    U can always comment some stuff and I'll try to show u how I would do it. <3
    I'll show u the way how I do it.

  • I hope I’m allowed to comment 😬 but I’m just really looking forward to these I admire your editing style! <3

  • 0_1573400811442_tail.jpg
    Whelp, I guess we all like to have a more realistic vibe in our pictures. Wether it is minimlistic or a biiiiiiiiiiig change for our picture.
    I have a few different pictures of pastures and riding arenas saved in my folder that I don't know if I am allowed to show.
    But anyway,let's go!
    Look first for fitting pictures that u can use.
    I recommend googling some things like "Riding arena" or type into DeviantArt "Grass".
    Here's one I've found.
    Save the file easily where u can find it again. ( And don't be like me and tripple save it everywhere.)
    After u've found a fitting picture that works for u, u copy it into ur picture.
    It'll look first like this but don't worry. We'll fix this fast.
    0_1567000877594_Screenshot (1862).png
    With ctrl+T u can move it to the place where u want it to be.
    0_1567000971033_Screenshot (1863).png
    I recommend leaving some extra-space and not transform it closely to where ur grass in game is.
    Because we gonna erase it with a soft brush to create a more soft and realistic look.
    0_1567001221481_Screenshot (1864).png
    U can leave a bit of the "grass-game" because u can adjust it with cntrl+U.
    0_1567001230593_Screenshot (1873).png
    Then this window will pop up.
    0_1567001244105_Screenshot (1874).png
    Depending on the colors of ur picture u can change the colour and the saturation.
    After u did that u can add some shadows to it and create some kind of deepness.
    0_1567001378651_Screenshot (1867).png
    On the right side u see a bar with different kinds of modes that can create a lot of nice stuff.
    ( I don't know if Gimp or any other editing-program has that as well)
    0_1567001450857_Screenshot (1868).png
    I set it to the "Soft light" and as u can see - it changed the color and brightness. It is more darker now.
    I'll keep editing now my picture and work on some more litttle guides.

  • @Luna-Smit said in Shelbys "How to .." - Editing Hacks:

    I hope I’m allowed to comment 😬 but I’m just really looking forward to these I admire your editing style! <3

    Ofc u can comment! And thank u very very much! <3

  • 0_1573401204948_blurrinh.jpg
    Technically I should've begin with this but I am a chaos.
    Okay, how do we blurr pictures nice, smoooooth and once again nicely?
    No? U don't know?
    Don't worry I got u bud. <3
    0_1567002343326_Screenshot (1853).png
    First u select ur horses ( or whatever is ur motive) with the lasso tool. This takes sometimes long and u can cheat a little if u click on it with the right side of ur mouse and select the magnetic lasso tool. This one isn't that precise but u can fix this later. (It's great when u have a visible contrast for example black horse and a blue sky)
    0_1567002677248_Screenshot (1854).png
    U copy now ur horse with ctrl+J and tadaaa - u got a new layer with only ur horse on it.
    I copy the background layer too but without selecting anything.
    Select this layer again,move to ur background layer and go to "Edit - Fill"
    0_1567004204763_Screenshot (1857).png
    Then this window should pop up.
    0_1567004276240_Screenshot (1858).png
    Make sure that "content-aware" is chosen.
    0_1567004305470_Screenshot (1859).png
    After that it'll look like this.
    Deselect it and u can move on.
    Now u can chose what kind of blur u want to have. My favourite is this one.
    0_1567004342353_Screenshot (1860).png
    Adjust the blur to ur personal likings and u are done.
    0_1567004378838_Screenshot (1861).png

  • I think this is exactly what everyone who is starting out editing needed. Thank you for this!

  • This is amazing! :)

  • The link to your grass isn't pulling anything up for me :(

  • @Luna-Smit said in Shelbys "How to .." - Editing Hacks:

    This is amazing! :)

    Glad I can help. ^-^

    @Chloe-West said in Shelbys "How to .." - Editing Hacks:

    The link to your grass isn't pulling anything up for me :(

    I've fixed it now! Thanks for telling

  • 0_1573401365610_hacks.jpg
    Want some curly tails? Here we go.
    I do edit with a graphic tablet and PS CS6! I don't know how Gimp or anything else works, so if u have questions about PS, u can hit me up.
    I'm gonna skip the steps because I don't really have time. Oopsie.
    0_1570137591503_Screenshot (6).png
    First I draw the shape of the tail. The more relaxed ur hand is, the easier it "flows". Don't stress urself if its messy. Its a curly tail and curly tails are messy. Btw I don't think u will ever see a clean tail from me but(t) that's another story.
    Okay, don't fill exactly every strand, it'll look heavy.
    0_1570137714681_Screenshot (7).png
    Since my tail is a big gypsy tail I decided to add some black into it to. U can lock the layer with this thing here. It'll draw only on the layer that u are on and not over it.
    0_1570137875596_Screenshot (8).png
    After u did that, I like to add already some different colors into it. It makes it easier for me to "cheat" a little when it comes to drawing the hairflow. I do like working with clipping masks. Make a new layer above ur tail-layer and rightclick on it. "Create clipping mask". This has a similar function as the lock-thing but it's better to use clipping masks if u are a beginner - since u can easily delete the layer and still have the original layer untouched. Besides that u can add some awesome modis to it.
    0_1570138146773_Screenshot (37).png
    My favs are overlay and soft light.
    0_1570138161381_Screenshot (9).png
    Good, we have here a bright tail - so I begin with drawing black/dark brown strands on the tail. When I draw the shape of the tail i kinda already see how the hair will flow. It's like having a picture before ur eyes. If u are struggling with this I recommend looking at RL pictures and study how their tail flows.
    0_1570138273221_Screenshot (10).png
    I set the opacity to 30% ( actually it depends on my mood) and to soft light or overlay. Then I repeat the same process but with a smaller brush and add some depth into it.
    0_1570138340714_Screenshot (11).png
    0_1570138357765_Screenshot (12).png
    0_1570138370926_Screenshot (13).png
    I do the same with white - I set it to overlay and then adjust the opacity to my liking and how the light will fall.
    0_1570138433440_Screenshot (14).png
    0_1570138448945_Screenshot (15).png
    And technically we do the same with the dark ending but we do switch from black to white/gray and folllow the flow from the hair above.
    0_1570138502187_Screenshot (16).png
    0_1570138491629_Screenshot (16).png
    0_1570138509442_Screenshot (18).png
    Throw some shadows or light onto it. Depending how u like it.
    0_1570138542574_Screenshot (19).png
    Tadaaa and u are done. Good job!

  • 0_1573400307592_tut.png
    We all know it. The struggle of making sharp edges smooth. But don't worry!
    Here I am with an solution.
    0_1573400360716_Screenshot (410).png
    First of u select ur motiv and make it as a new layer. ( ctrl + J)
    0_1573400388269_Screenshot (411).png
    If u click with ctrl on the layer image, PS will create a selection of ur motiv automatically.
    0_1573400414403_Screenshot (412).png
    Now u create a layermask! It's one of my fav. tools that I learned at school.
    0_1573400454827_Screenshot (412)2.png
    This little thing here creates the layermask.
    0_1573400475351_Screenshot (416).png
    If u hold alt and click on the layer mask, u will see this.
    This is really cool if u work with a lot of small elements. It will show u things that u might be missing or things that are too much and u didnt notice it. ( u can escape from this "view"(?) by holding alt and clicking on it again)
    0_1573400547008_Screenshot (413).png
    Now doubleclick on the layermask and this window should pop up.
    0_1573400602017_Screenshot (414).png
    U leave it how it is and only click on the mask-edge.
    Then this here should pop up. I'd recommend to stay away from "feather". And the other things, u can play around.
    0_1573400663174_Screenshot (415).png
    Tadaa, u are mostly sharp-edge-free.

  • 0_1579383563092_tut.png
    Hi again after two month. This time I will show you an easy way of drawing mane and the forelock.
    And the best technique after all is to practice and find a way that suits your hand and editing flow.
    So with this being said, lets jump to the first step.
    0_1579383636139_Screenshot (1354).png
    Ignore the mess I made and only pay attention to the little hair thingy that I did.
    Since my horse is in a lot of movement (its jumping) I will need to capture the dynamic in my forelock.
    If you are having trouble to draw the forelock, you can look up to some real pictures. ( I might show you later ( in a lot of months later, lol) how you can cheat a little)
    0_1579383754396_Screenshot (1355).png
    In the 2nd step you will fill the shape of it out but not totally, leave some transparency.
    This will prevent from letting the forelock look heavy and stony.
    0_1579383884344_Screenshot (1356).png
    Now we are moving on to the mane.
    I always draw a baseline on the neck of the horse where the mane should begin.
    It kind of makes it easier to me because it is giving me some kind of ....grip?
    Or its just easier to image it.
    0_1579384018501_Screenshot (1357).png
    The forth step has a lot to do with practice and how your hand is "flowing".
    I wish someone would have told me it earlier that the mane doesnt fly like some grass...
    But after making this mistake a thousand times I am here to save you.
    Mane never looks like grass. It doesnt stand form itself, it doesnt look like an hedgehog and it doesnt have a thousand thin hair that needs attention.
    Instead of doing that crappy mistake, try to let the hair flow together. It will need a little time of practice but once you got it, it will be very easy. In my case when i draw the mane I already have an eye and feeling for how my hair will look.
    0_1579384610028_Screenshot (1359).png
    Now you fill it out again and add with a smaller brush some hair that go a little crazy.
    0_1579384629173_Screenshot (1361).png
    I like to work with layer masks and how it is used and done you can see in the post earlier.
    So PlEaSe UsE tHeSe tHiNgS that I am trying to teach you.
    Okay, you add a lighter color at the ends of your mane and add a darker one at the roots of your horses mane. This will make your mane look already more alive and its easier to give the mane some different colors from the beginning than struggling with adding them later to it. ( I later took some opacity down.)
    0_1579385334826_Screenshot (1364).png
    After you did that you can use a color from your horses coat and bright it up or use a blue or yellow/orangey light shade to match the horses color. Dont use just pure white (altho I do because I am lazy) but if you want a good result, do as I told you.
    So now to the horses hair. I dont really know how to explain this but I can say that if you are struggling with the structure of the mane/forelock just look at some RL pictures or videos. It does help a lot.
    And maybe ask yourself how is the hair falling?
    Is the weather windy or stormy?
    Does my horse move or not?
    Do I want to show some dynamic in my picture?
    Then you adjust the opacity and add a 2nd layer where you add a little of the brighter hair strands.
    0_1579385386463_Screenshot (1367).png
    And for the last step you can add another layer and try to bring some darker places in where you think some more dimension is needed. I rarely do it because I suck at it but this one turned out surprisingly good.

  • a true lifesaver. thank you

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