[WINNERS] Wintherland Equestrian Danish Warmblood Summer Auction

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    Welcome to the Danish Warmblood summer auction at Wintherland Equestrian

    ❄ Do not use the horses coat or conformation as a base for any other horses.
    ❄ Gender, coat colour and conformation may not be changed without permission. You may add shine/detail markings/private shaders to the coat, as long as they stay close to the original coat.
    ❄ Please keep the prefix [WL] - do not add your own. The show name of the horse should not be altered.
    ❄ Do not change the horse's pedigree - don't change the parents or add parents to foundations.
    ❄ Secondary discipline can be added - just bear in mind, that the horses are bred for dressage, so please don't only focus on something else.
    ❄ If you don't want the horse anymore, please contact me so I get the chance to buy it back.
    ❄ I reserve the right to cancel the sales and keep the horses to myself if I can't find the right homes for the horses.
    ❄ Since Wintherland Equestrian are a small stud, I would love to see the horses in blogs, challenges or RP phase shows - please do not just use the horse as a name on a piece of paper.
    If you have read the rules, please put a snowflake in your first bid.

    Let's take a look at the horses;

    Pattaya WL
    Pattaya WL
    Mare | 5 years old | Dressage
    Pattaya WL is a real sweetheart with lots of love to everyone. She loves attention in the stable, and loves to show off in the fields, when people are watching. She has some really good gaits and are a pleasure to ride and work with. She doesn't spook in the corners or out on hacks, and is always calm when you take her new places.
    She is out of the Fürstenball-bloodline which you easily see on her beautiful headshape and good temper.
    Sire Foundation
    Dam Foundation
    Link to main site
    Not posed confo

    Gameboy WL
    Gameboy WL
    Stallion | 4 years old | Dressage
    It is with a bleeding heart, that this guy is putting up for auction. Gameboy WL is a true playboy; he loves having fun in the fields and play with the other horses. He can be a pain in the a.. some times, but has truly a loving heart. He is not that stallion-ish at you might think him to be, but he can be quite a mouthfull for the unexperienced rider. He has some exceptionel gaits, and has a bright future in the dressage-arenas. We are hoping for a home that will take him out to see the world.
    Sire Foundation
    Dam Foundation
    Link to main site
    Not posed confo

    Starting prices
    ❄ Pattaya WL | $3,000
    ❄ Gameboy WL | $3,500
    Please increase your bid with $1,000.

    Highest bid
    ❄ Pattaya WL | $4,000 - @Lilly-Li
    ❄ Gameboy WL | SB - @Nikoline-Torkildsen


  • Pattaya WL - SB :snowflake:

  • Pattaya WL 4000 ❄

  • @Zatanna-Westerlund accepted (:

    @Lilly-Li I have sent you a PM about your bidding. (:

  • Small bump - auction ends tomorrow (September 1st) - Both horses are main site and Breed Commitee registered

  • SB Gameboy WL ❄️

  • @Lilly-Li accepted

    @Nikoline-Torkildsen accepted


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    Sorry for the long wait - I have been sick for over a week now..

    Pattaya WL @Lilly-Li - SOLD for $4,000
    Gameboy WL @Nikoline-Torkildsen - SOLD for $3,500

    Congratulations to the new owners. Please send me your e-mail informations in a PM and the money on the main site, and I will send the horse's .sim-file and main site profile. :relaxed: :horse:

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