[Ended] EQUUS Quarterly's Ad Challenge

  • PR Committee

    Welcome to the Quarterly Ad’s Contest!

    For the Quarterly we would like to bring back the Stud ads, but also introduce new Ads as well. For the ads we would like you to bring out your best. Make your own CC ads, showing off your best work! Be creative! Show us your Import Skills, your coat makings skills, marking skills. You name it!

    We also are Including a Stable Signup, a catalog where you submit your stable, your name, and what breeds and disciplines you specialize in. Signup is here

    Ads Rules

    • You may enter up to 2 ads of any combination (Stud Ad, Mare Ad, CC, Builds, Worlds, Import services, Coat making, wanted Ads, etc..)
    • Stud Ads/Mare Ads should only contain One Horse
    • Editing is allowed
    • Ads should include some sort of cc, build, or world that you personally have created as a member of Equus. It may also include marking services, coat services, import services, wanted ads.
    • Ads sizes should be at least 768px tall, for a single page spread 543px wide and for a double spread it should be 1086px Wide. (We would also accept smaller then this, this is just a general guideline for the ads)

    Please direct any questions or concerns to the chatter thread

    By submitting an entry, you agree that your images may be used in the Quarterly and across Equus social media platforms. All images are given appropriate credit.

    Please Submit your Entries Here and on the Form link provided.

    Ad Submission Form

    Your Name:
    The type of Ad:
    (your photo entry goes here)

  • Breed Committee

    Your Name: Lythaera Böhm
    The type of Ad: Stud Ad
    alt text

  • Competition Committee

    Your Name: Annie Emerson
    The type of Ad: Stud Ad

    alt text

  • Your Name: Isaiah Pace
    The type of Ad: Stud/Mare Ad

    Mare Ad Stud Ad
    alt text alt text
    Full size Full size

  • Your Name: Serenity Gwin
    The type of Ad: Stud Ad
    alt text

  • Your Name: Mariana Pereda Sloan
    The type of Ad: Stud AD

    alt text


  • Your Name: Dimitri Dane
    The type of Ad: Stud Ad

    alt text

  • Your Name: Kia Williams
    The type of Ad: Mare ad

  • Your Name: Kia Williams
    The type of Ad: Stud ad

  • Competition Committee

    Your Name: Heather Tann
    The type of Ad: Stud Ad

    Since for some reason it isn't letting me upload the image directly...

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