Achievement Tracker Question

  • I was wondering if there was a minimum word count required for text updates in regards to the Achievement Tracker. Like, if I were to post a photo with a short little blurb, could it be counted as both a photo update and a text update? Also, another question I have is if I were to have, say, 27 photo updates on my blog in total, could I put that into the Achievement Tracker as one entry that was done 27 times, or should I split them up based on when they were posted? Sorry if this doesn't make any sense, it's like 5:00AM and I am SO tired

  • Short little blurbs don't count, only if you wrote something bigger about a horse, or described the day, training, show... Etc. :)

    Doesn't need to be too big but at least 5-6 lines :)

  • Administrators

    We are working some details out with the achievement tracker right now and we should have a tutorial up around the weekend :smiley:
    As for the blog, it should be the amount of pictures per post, does that make sense?

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