[ENDS WHEN SOLD] Toledo`s Berries Stables Downsize Sale

  • :herb: WELCOME :herb:


    • The horse has to keep the my prefix and no other prefix or suffix may be added.
    • Do not change the coat color, shape of the horse, color of eyes and so on.
    • You are allowed to change shine, mane and tail.
    • My horses have a private shine that I have no right to transmit. Keep this in mind!
    • If you decide to sell the horse or send it to reclaimable, let me know.
    • Do not resell a horse without us knowledge!
    • You can replace the missing marking with a suitable one. I have too many file assemblies and I don’t know where most of my markings come from
    • If the photoreport is not available for a long time (four months) or the horse owner ignores my messages, I undertake to pick up the horse.
    • You must drive a horse in competitions.
    • I send files by e-mail.
    • My ID 9798.

    :herb: HORSES :herb:


    6 y/o Dutch Warmblood Stallion [reg]
    Sooty Bay [Ee Aa nSty]
    Show jumping
    Height: 164 hh
    Sire: Cupid S
    Dam: PCRA End of Me
    Price: 30 000 $

    6 y/o Hanoverian Stallion [reg]
    Bay [Ее АА]
    Show Jumping
    Height: 166 hh
    Sire: CHEC Baldev
    Dam: TBS Songbird
    Price: 35 000 $

    :herb:SPECIAL OFFER!:herb:


    4 y/o Dutch Warmblood Mare [reg]
    Palomino [ee AA nCr]
    Dressage & Halter
    Height: 170 hh
    Sire: RDI Made Sherlock (PSSC Made for Loving You x OLCS Hormilia Rallein (OLCS Haworn Wimery x OLCS Flekia Ralleina))
    Dam: TBS Gina Van`T Merelscent (TBS Scandic VanT Merelscent x Goldenite)
    Price: 40 000 $

    Vanilla is very similar to mother and grandfather in character and exterior. She is very affectionate and kind horse, loves everyone absolutely and does not distinguish. We all loved her from different angles: she is promising in sports or for new athletes, and for breeding. Long thought about selling it. We are looking for the best house for the baby. 100% is laid out in work, the step is especially good. A couple of times she even jumped with us. She has a very technical jump, but she specialized in dressage. Her entire pedigree is built on dressage horses.


    4 y/o Dutch Warmblood Mare [reg]
    Liver chestnut [ee Aa]
    Dressage & Halter
    Height: 166 hh
    Sire: RDI Aubergine (OLCS Abrico Moonca x OLCS Nymphia Wiangle)
    Dam: SBS Sundance
    Price: 38 000 $

    This girl is really very talented. Her name is fully consistent with her. She is tall, wide with strong. It has natural uphill movements. Perfectly raises the front legs, her wide trot can be envied. Balanced on all gait. Keeps balance with the rider. Has a fairly strict character, does not like to cuddle and display of tenderness. No, she does not bite or kick, but she behaves indifferently to such. A strong athlete with great experience and a suitable character is suitable for her.

    :herb: ATTENTION! :herb:
    • You can write me in private messages or in this thread. But first, make sure you read the entire rules! I can also consider sharing :frog:

  • Ooooh my what stunners!!!

  • All horses are now registered!

  • PR Committee

    Bluestone is gorgeous! Love the sooty coloring on New York Minute as well :heart: I hope they find good homes!

  • @Danielle-Maddox Thank you very much, if the horses do not gain new owners, I will advance them further in my stable, they are excellent sportsmen's and will contribute to the breeding company of TBS

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