[Ended] Newly In foal Mare for sale

  • This exists because yet, I STILL am broke


    • Payment before files :D
    • If you want to resell her. Contact me I might want her back

    That's it! I'm not strict

    The Lovely Mare

    0_1567222965303_Screenshot-2.jpg0_1567223481162_Screenshot-3 (1).jpg

    Breed: Sport Horse
    Age: 6
    Disciplines: All, Homyzygous
    Desc: This petite lady will almost always come to you when called. She absolutely loves jumping. Carrot Maniac. She will possibly throw all tobiano babies
    Parents: HL Hera Olympia, MVS Soaring Wings
    Foal's Father: The Zodiac

    Offers around: $20,000 Pricing higher because a baby is on the way! <3

    OFFER HERE Or just message me :D

    Highest Bidder: Offer:
    No one Nothing

  • More information is possible? Profile, parents, does she have points or bonus, foal's father? :)

  • @Borja-Domecq Yeah, I'll definitely add that!

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