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  • I just upgraded my reshade to the latest version, 4.3.0, installation went well and everything is working fine, but there is one thing, really just one, that is not working. None of the Depth of Field options work, I mean they do work but they don't at the same time.

    The options I currently have on are: Clarity, Deband, Fine Sharp (Mode 3), Levels and Technicolor 2. This is pretty much the same I've been always using. This is what it looks like with no DoF options are activated.

    This time I decided to set up the options for the DoF since it's a time consuming task for me in Photoshop, so it would save me a lot of time if the game itself blured the background for me. I searched on google and I found that the option DisplayDepth should show different shades of black and white depending on how far objects are (link). But when I turn it on in my game this is what happens, and I think that this might be what it's causing the other DoF options not to work fine. These are the options I have on this Display tool.

    Pictures when I turn on Magic DoF with AutoFocus and with mouse focus, with the default settings just changing the auto to mouse.

    This is the very first time I'm using the DoF, I have Windows 10, base game, pets and Katy Perry expansion with reshade installed on the base game as said on the reshade installation guide. I've tried installing reshade a couple times but DoF just won't work, any other options work fine except this one. I also have A LOT of CC installed which is mostly merged and several mods, Luke's HD Horse, PSH Horse Eyes, Brnt Waffles Perfect Day Lighting Mod 4.0, 4k HD Horse, 4k Butter mod and some NRaas ones. I'm not sure if some of these mods could be causing this to happen as I haven't tried reshade with no CC but this is what I'm going to try next. Any updates I will post them here just in case they help solve this issue.

  • Are you running your game through Origin? DOF problems tend to stem from Origin and there isn’t really a workaround—sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe no, I just double click the katy perry expansion launcher and origin never opens.

  • Is your game installed through Origin? It doesn’t matter whether Origin opens every time you open your game (I’ve created a shortcut that allows me to bypass it and I still have DOF problems, for example).

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe I don't think they are as they are not linked to my origin account.

    EDIT: with no CC works exactly the same, also I just remembered with Reshade 2.0 (when you had to manually edit the files) DoF would blur the background leaving the horse in the front fine with no blur.

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    Like Alexa said, if your game is any way linked to Origin and that's the most updated version, it broke the DOF from working. I had to uninstall my game and leave out the few packs I had through origin to get it working again.
    I may be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that the latest rehsade versions doesn't work well with sims? I'm sure I saw it somewhere about the DOF not working and someone said it was to do with the latest version. I use one of the 3.pointsomething versions, and that works fine for me with windows 10, a TON of cc and mods etc.

  • @Callixta-Rosella I will give it a go, if it doesn't work I guess I will stick to Photoshop xD Thanks both! <3

  • What Calli said! DOF in any versions of Reshade 4 seem to be very difficult to get to work for the Sims, if not impossible. Reshade 3.x works fine unless your game is installed through Origin, in which case it works sometimes and sometimes not.

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe alright I will try it thank you very much <3

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    My experience with Reshade 4.0+ went similarly:

    @Puck-Cantrell said in need reshade help:

    I spent a solid week trying to get Reshade 4.0's DOF to work with Sims, and I have concluded that it's impossible. They changed some of the settings and depth detection for the shaders when they updated it from 3.0, and I think Sims is just too old for it to work properly. I highly recommend switching to a version of Reshade 3.0- you can find the various versions in the Reshade Repository.

    You'll also need shader files compatible with 3.0, and for some reason there's no online archive of old shaders that I can find, so here's a link to mine.. The shaders that get automatically downloaded and installed with the ReShade installer are made to run with 4.0, so they only like... half-work with 3.0? For best results overwrite those with the ones I linked.

  • @Puck-Cantrell I'm going to give it a go now, installing everything from scratch, hopefully nothing breaks :sweat_smile: Don't know why google didn't link me to that post tbh xd

  • I tried what you all said and I am very happy to say that it's finally working! Just on case anyone is having issues too here are some useful links that might help you with DoF. The version I'm currently using is 3.0.8. I uninstalled everything and installed it again using my CDs to make sure nothing is connected to Origin. Make sure to untick the edge smoothing on the game options! That's very very important, you can get the same effect with SMAA in reshade. DoF should work if you follow those tutorials.

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    Glad you got it sorted! :D

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