Confounded by Mustang Breed Caps

  • Hi! I know this might be a bit of a stupid question, but are Mustangs classified as Horses or Ponies in terms of registering for disciplines? I'm wondering because, according to Elsie's Discipline Checker, they have a higher level cap in Pony Eventing than they do in regular Eventing (6 compared to 4) yet there is no mention of the other Pony-specific disciplines. I always thought that they were considered Horses, was I incorrect?

  • In Equus you can register Mustangs as Stock horses, so not a pony (horses that don't belong to that Pony breed group are not ponies). I checked the leaderboards as I was a little confused about this and on the leaderboards all non-pony breeds don't have a level cap in pony disciplines, including Mustangs, so that checker might be broken or something xD

  • OP here, thank you for the help. I had a total brain fart and forgot that the Leaderboards showed the level caps LOL! I was pretty much sitting here like "Aren't they horses? Why is Pony Eventing showing up for them? Mustangs can be pretty small, are they basing things off of height? But if they're counting them as Pons, then why aren't Pony Dressage and Pony Show Jumping showing up?" :rofl:

  • Development Committee

    I believe Elsie's discipline checker is also mildly out of date since caps changed

  • Administrators

    According to my caps database, Mustangs are correctly capped at null for Pony Show Jumping. I recommend looking at the newer version of the Discipline Checker for cap information as it pulls directly from our updated database, instead of the older one which pulls from an indirect source and occasionally gets its wires crossed.

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