[OPEN] Quest Stables Studbook | BIY and Partial BIY

  • For the first time ever, Quest Stables is opening the doors to its breeding barn and offering all members of the Equus Community the chance to introduce some new blood to their stables. Do you want a dappled Dressage Prince in your future horse's pedigree? How about a spunky little bay mare who could jump a mountain? Maybe you want people to ooh and ahh when they see your flashy Tobiano trotting along. Or do you prefer a horse with a little wild in them? Browse through our studs and broodmares and see what you find. Who knows, we may just breed a future champion.

    Spreadsheet with rules and the list of available horses HERE
    Application Form HERE

  • This post is deleted!

  • UPDATE (11/11/2019)
    Added new horses and updated points

    Notes: Dressage points for QST Edelweiss and QST Odd Eye should soon be 38 and 34 respectively (waiting on leaderboard update) Also, AIM Saoirse is awaiting a Secondary Discipline change from Show Jumping to Dressage

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