Question about pedigree bonus

  • My stallion 19141 Lexington's Gallamist has +8 in eventing and +2 in show jumping BUT his parents have more points. Sire (RDEC Flickerfly) + 10 in eventing and +1 in sj +1 in show hunters and Dam (RDEC Granada) +3 in eventing +10 in sj.
    Why does Gallamist have so few bonuses?

  • I don't know if this might be your case but sometimes when I check those huge leaderboards like Dressage and Eventing, the Show History sheet gets weird and moves the names some rows up or down so the info you see of points and pedigree is not correct. I realised that because my Elsie Stable Manager would show the correct info but the leaderboard no. Maybe you horse's name is showing on a wrong row because if he has all his parents and grandparents added all should be good :slight_smile:

    Edit: Your horse shows up fine to me with all pedigrees in both Show Jumping and Eventing leaderboard.

  • I made an quick check and found this info;

    Eventing - your horse haven't competed much and have atm 17 points, and have therefor no own gained pdb yet, but he gets +13 via his parents and grandparents.

    Show Jumping - your horse have competed more there and have 76 pts = 2 in pdb gained, BUT he does also gets +13 from his parents/grandparents so he's actually having 15 pdb in total in this discipline :slight_smile:

    I hope that it was helpful ^^

    I was checking at the horse ID, and I would also suggest you to use Elsie stable manager if you're not using it already since it's always up-to-date and easier to check/load than entire full show history sheets with a lot of horses so it will just show your own ones instead :slight_smile:

  • @Christina-Lindblad The pedigree bonus a horse receives already includes his own earned pedigree :slight_smile: In this case Gallamist gets +11 from his parents and those +2 he earned by himself, so total of +13 in Show Jumping ^^ You don't need to add them again since it already is :D And yes I would swap to the Stable Manger as well, those huge leaderboards often break and lag so wouldn't really check them xD

  • @Celia-Acosta

    Whoops! seems that you're right :sweat_smile: can just blame on my cold so the brain is not working properly as it should do :see_no_evil:

  • Thanks to all of you, I understood everything :heart:

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